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313 Big Blue Bus Shelters To Be Demolished, Then Rebuilt

Posted Jul. 5, 2013, 9:24 am

Parimal M. Rohit / Staff Writer

Santa Monica’s bus system is about to have a makeover worth about $7.2 million. The City’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) will demolish and reconstruct 313 bus shelters and 1,244 “extended network signs” thanks to the council’s unanimous vote supporting the “Bus Shelter Redevelopment Program” last Tuesday.

The new shelters and signs will feature a custom design developed for the City of Santa Monica.

City Hall will enter into a contract with West Valley Investment Group, Inc., worth $6,680,909 to perform construction services. Arcadis US will be retained by City Hall for $621,500 to perform construction management and inspection.

The project will be “implemented in two phases based on available funding,” according to City staff, who added there is not enough funding currently available to complete the project all at once.

Phase 1 is expected to go forward without delay and involve the removal of bus stops and extended network signs. Only 303 of the 313 removed bus stops would be replaced during the first phase.

Phase 2, which is expected to cost $1,005,000 for 10 bus stop shelters and all 1,244 extended network signs, would proceed only once funding is available.

“Shop drawings and a fully functioning mockup must be developed prior to construction. Following approval of the mockup, the contractor would manufacture and store the bus shelters before installation on the street could begin,” City staff stated. “Installation of shelters is anticipated to begin in January 2014 and be completed by spring 2015.”

City staff stated 73 potential bidders replied to the request for proposal, with 10 firms actually submitting bids. West Valley Investment Group was the lowest bidder. The nine other bids ranged from $7,277,777 to $10,219,807.

City staff added 26 firms replied to the request for proposals for the construction management contract. Five of those firms were short-listed, with Arcadis US receiving the bid since it provided similar services for projects here in Santa Monica as well as Los Angeles, Gilbert, Ariz., and Tuscon, Ariz.

The Bus Shelter Redevelopment Program was approved as part of the city council’s consent calendar at its June 25 meeting.

Bus service is not expected to change as a result of the redevelopment program.

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