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Santa Monica Resident Begins Hosting "Mission Makeover" On Lifetime Channel

Rob and Julie Moran.
Courtesy Photo
Rob and Julie Moran.

Posted Feb. 28, 2013, 8:29 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

Santa Monica resident Julie Moran will be helping women change their lives as the Host of the new makeover series called “Mission Makeover,” produced by O2 Production Studios and airing on Lifetime.

The show premiered on Monday at 7 am and will air for 13 weeks on the Lifetime network. The show follows the journey of three women on a mission of a lifetime.

Not your typical weight loss show, Mission Makeover helps these women makeover multiple areas of their life, health and wellness.

“I am so excited to host this new series that isn’t just about weight loss,” Moran said. “We are helping these women makeover their entire lives by getting them counseling, hormone testing, training, nutrition coaching and more.”

Moran will be joined on the show by a panel of experts on the subjects of fitness and nutrition, style and a psychiatrist and MD.

Sponsors of the show contribute to the women’s journey by supplying tools and products to assist the women on their journey in every area.

“We are making these women over from the inside – out,” Moran said. “I can’t wait to help them on this exciting and life changing journey.”

Julie Moran is well known for becoming the first female anchor to join ABC’s Wide World of Sports, as well as her seven years as a host on Entertainment Tonight.


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