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Séchoir  is Santa Monica's newest hybrid hair salon, located at 1121 Montana Avenue.
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Séchoir is Santa Monica's newest hybrid hair salon, located at 1121 Montana Avenue.

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A Unique Hair Salon Experience At Séchoir+ On Santa Monica's Montana Avenue

Posted Jan. 17, 2013, 8:23 am

Sallie Oto / Mirror Contributor

I’ve started to notice that there’s a service out there for anything. From head-to-toe, these days you can get just about anything done for you.

Starting with salons for painted nails, beauty counters that will thread your eyebrows and do your make-up, to the latest for hair which means that if you don’t feel like doing your own (which ranges from washing to a full up-do to a simple “blow-dry”) then you don’t have to. Sounds good to me!

But as someone who is particular about hair, I thought I should check it out. Would this be stressful and expensive?

The answer is no, and the description is quite possibly the opposite.

Séchoir+ (seh-schwahr), located on a zen little block on Montana Avenue, is blue and white in décor and the second you walk inside feels like you’ve entered a real-life dollhouse-like salon. It’s like Séchoir+ knew I was stressed – in one fell swoop, I was offered tea and or espresso, water, and my choice of cookies and cupcakes.

The services range from haircuts to blow-outs to up-do’s.

You can also get neck and hand massages. Everything stands at an absolutely affordable price, which is good on the wallet but bad for self-efficacy – after this, why would I ever attempt to do my own hair again?

The answer is “you won’t,” but that’s fine, it’s the point of living in LA!

Type: Blow-Dry Bar, Salon (Men+Women).

Location: 1121 Montana Ave, Santa Monica.

Services: Hair do’s. Hair cuts. Color. Make-Up. Scalp/shoulder/hand massage. Scalp treatment. 

Tip: Nab an appointment in the AM for complimentary tea/coffee and cupcakes. Select an afternoon/evening time if you prefer champagne.

Price: $35 for a simple ‘do or a blowout.

Phone: 310.310.8238.


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Jan. 17, 2013, 11:37:28 am

Casey Harris said...

there are better places on Montana to go to for the same price.

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