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Experience L.U.V.E. At Main St. Gallery
Courtesy image
Experience L.U.V.E. At Main St. Gallery

Seven Days, Santa Monica, Art Gallery

Experience L.U.V.E. At Main Street Gallery

Posted May. 8, 2013, 9:47 am

Mirror Staff

Axiom Contemporary this weekend opens L.U.V.E/When The Air Softens, a group exhibition of recent works by Lola Del Fresno and Yossi Govrin.

An opening reception for the artists will be held this Saturday, May 4 from 6-9 pm.

The exhibition runs through May 25.

Fresno is originally from Madrid, Spain but currently resides in Santa Monica.

Most of her work is life-sized figures ranging from 10 x 10” to 103 x 61”.

Her process starts in a very minimal way working up to more complex details.

She uses very few elements to create her pieces, always trying to avoid excess by constructing and washing out the image.

In her latest body of work “L.U.V.E,” Lola presents a journey through human emotions. It’s about how people bond and interact with each other while immersing themselves in everyday life experiences.

In “When The Air Softens” series the sculptures relate directly to “human conductivity” and are made from hemp and cement; emphasizing the transient nature of humans and their environment, and a single mold reflecting our common origin.

The added elements such as chandeliers, stones, and rope reintroduce the sense of individuality and uniqueness and resonate across cultural and national boundaries.

The gallery is located at 2801 Main Street, Santa Monica. For more information, call 310.452.1120 or visit                  

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