Brock On Your Block: The Super Sustainables

Phil interviews Santa Monica Recreation & Parks Commissioner Alben Gielicz about his new children's book The Super Sustainables that educates kids in a fun...

Brock On Your Block: Nick Gabaldon Day

Host Phil Brock stands at the foot of Bay street with attendees of Nick Gabaldon Day. Galbadon was a life guard, Santa Monica College...

Brock On Your Block: Make Music Day (feat. James Corden)

Host Phil Brock is in Reed Park in Santa Monica to talk about Make Music Day. James Corden chimes in about the event which...

Brock on Your Block: The Plaza at Santa Monica

Phil Brock is on location at a historical parking lot located at 5th and Arizona in Santa Monica. Currently the parking lot is under...

Brock On Your Block: Bruno’s Italian Restaurant

This week Brock interviews Pantaleone Bruno, owner of Bruno's Italian Restaurant. Located on Ocean avenue in Santa Monica, the family-friendly, Italian restaurant is celebrating...

Brock On Your Block: Meet Susan Foxley and Foxley Fitness

Host Phil Brock travels to Palisades Park and interviews Susan Foxley of Foxley Fitness. The long-time yoga instructor provides yoga classes and individual instruction...

Brock on Your Block: Iconic Busy Bee Hardware Faced With Closure:

Phil finds great community value among the nuts and bolts of Busy Bee Hardware, an institution in Santa Monica since 1922, now threatened with...

Brock on Your Block: Phil Chats with Andrew Hoyer from Mid City Neighbors (Video):

Phil sits down with Andrew Hoyer, President of Santa Monica Mid City Neighbors, to talk about the past, present and future of this neighborhood in the middle of Santa Monica.
Phil and Stephanie

Brock on Your Block: Phil Investigates Ongoing Noise Complaints and Speaks with Stephanie Kong...

Phil investigates ongoing noise complaints against private school PS1 in the Santa Monica Mid City neighborhood and speaks with Stephanie Kong Uhler.
Brock on Your Block

Brock on Your Block: Phil Chats with Jeff Condon Author of Beyond The Grave:

Phil talks with native Santa Monican Jeff Condon of the Law Office of Condon & Condon, author of acclaimed estate planning books "Beyond the Grave" and "Living Trust.”

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