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Create your own ice cream sandwich at Beachy Cream from a dozen different flavors and a handful of different cookies.
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Create your own ice cream sandwich at Beachy Cream from a dozen different flavors and a handful of different cookies.

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Create The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich At Beachy Cream

Posted Nov. 29, 2012, 12:06 am

Sallie Oto / Mirror Contributor

Tucked like a single-scoop in a sugar cone in one of the shoebox storefronts on the north side of the 12th block on Wilshire, Beachy Cream is the first artisanal ice cream shop for miles.

Tiny and painted like a traditional parlor, Beachy Cream is colored blue, white, and pink, and the walls are lined with posters of ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, and of course – the daily ice cream selection.

Since there is a list of more than 12 ice creams available every day, I recommend the first thing you do is try all of them.

As it happened, I was particularly taken by the toffee-coffee, balsamic strawberry, and roasted banana.

However, it isn’t so simple: sure, you can get a bowl or cone of your choice, but the clutch move is to get an ice cream sandwich of your choice.

So, pick an ice cream, then wander over to the cookie display case and pick your bookends. From chocolate chip and sugar to peanut butter or vegan, all are fresh and have achieved the perfect 70-30 of soft-crisp.

And the best part? They don’t have to be the same. I went for toffee-coffee and chocolate chip.

In addition to a beautiful array of made-daily ice creams, Beachy Cream also serves classic beach fare such as hot dogs and family-recipe chili. Another fun find is the homage for the love of salty-sweet; Beachy Cream offers the option of having your hot dog on a rockenwagner pretzel bun, or your scoop of ice cream on a pretzel cone.

Pretzel cone? Yep, I said it – and you should get it. About the same size and thickness of a sugar cone (okay maybe a bit thicker) and sprinkled with salt, you can only dream and drool what this must taste like. That salty-sweet crunch alongside a cool, sweet, and creamy scoop of ice cream? I’m surprised these haven’t made their way to every other shop in LA!

Tip: Have a dog? Beachy Cream loves your pooch as much as you do, and if you bring your furry friend along they have a dog-friendly mini cup of ice cream waiting just for him/her!

Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, Beachy Cream is a welcome addition to Santa Monica where you can get your cravings satisfied day and night.

Type: Ice cream parlor.

Category: Lunch, dinner, dessert.

Company: Ice cream lovers who like to unite.

Bonus Tip: For the best toffee bits I’ve ever had in ice cream (even better than Heath, See’s, Godiva, etc...) get the Coffee Toffee. Or was it Toffee Coffee? Whatever, whichever, it’s a cone-match for life.

Beachy Cream

1209 Wilshire Boulevard


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Nov. 29, 2012, 12:36:02 am

Katherine Row said...

And it's all organic.! Try the pretzel cone with caramel chocolate swirl ice cream.: Chocolate, caramel, salt, sweet, crunch, yum!

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