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5 Fast Ways To Look Even Better

Posted Jun. 1, 2014, 2:10 am

Dr. Mao Shing Ni / Mirror Columnist

Here are five completely natural ways to perk up your spirits and your looks!

1. Whiten Teeth Naturally

Your pearly whites may not be so white these days; after all, coffee, tea, and soda pop can all stain your teeth. One natural way to brighten your smile is to brush your teeth with a pinch of baking powder, salt, and vinegar to make them brighter. Another natural whitener is made by mixing two parts baking soda with one part diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide and two drops of sage or mint oil. You won’t want to swallow this, just gently brush and rinse. Keep this up daily for 7-14 days (at most), and you should start to see a whiter gleam. If your gums feel sensitive, stop using the natural whitener and try rubbing a little food grade grape seed oil on them.

2. Smile Stress Away

Now that you have brighter teeth, show off your smile. This is the simplest, number-one way to look more beautiful! Every morning, wake up and put a big smile on your face, even if you aren’t feeling particularly cheerful. Believe it or not, just moving your muscles into a smile will increase endorphins and decrease the stress hormone cortisol that the adrenal gland releases in times of stress. Less stress = a happier and more beautiful you.

3. Get Glowing Skin with a Natural Peel

A golden tan may be long gone from your face, but you can still greet the spring with a vibrant glow with a natural skin peel – fresh from your refrigerator! Cosmetic dermatologists usually prescribe harsh agents such as Retin-A, high-concentration glycolic acid, and other damaging chemical peels that can strip your skin’s protective layer. Instead, use fruits and veggies that contain natural acids like eggplant, tomatoes, or pineapples, which will gently remove old dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull.

Thinly slice the ingredients and place them on your face, covering your face thoroughly. And don’t forget the soothing cucumbers over the eyes, to treat puffiness. Leave on for 20 minutes, remove the pieces and wash with warm water. For the first few minutes, your skin may look red, but this should quickly clear up. Follow with a natural moisturizer. Over time this natural skin peel will give you the smooth skin you are looking for, but don’t do more than twice a week.

Bonus Tip: Take a tip from the Empress, a royal lady who was renowned for her smooth and radiant skin. Try our Pearl Essence Regenerating Night Cream, a paraben-free, rich emollient inspired by the Empress’ tried-and-true pearl cream recipe.

4. Pick Up Your Posture

This is another tip that can make an instant difference in your looks and energy level. Stand tall with great posture. Roll your shoulders back and down a few times to feel where they should be. Slumping shoulders compress your chest cavity, causing shallow breaths, decreased oxygen to the brain, and fatigue – and it doesn’t look or feel confident. You might have a friend take a picture to show you how your current posture looks to see where adjustments could be made. Tai chi, qigong, and yoga can also be very helpful for opening up your chest and straightening your posture.

5. Eat, Drink, and Be Beautiful

It might be obvious by now, but you are what you eat and drink: health on the inside will reflect as health on the outside. A healthy diet rich in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables will give your skin all the vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals it needs to be radiant. And drinking plenty of water increases your skin’s elasticity and flushes out the harmful toxins in your skin.

May you live long, live strong, and live happy!

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Oct. 4, 2014, 9:46:00 pm

margarita said...

Yes, it's working very well! Just need to start with small portions, and try to know more about that you do...and be detailed ...

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