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Health, Dr. Mao, Santa Monica, Columnist

Happy New Year Of The Horse: A Powerful & Majestic Symbol

Dr. Mao Shing Ni
Courtesy Photo
Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Posted Jan. 31, 2014, 8:49 am

Dr. Mao Shing Ni / Mirror Columnist

According to the iChing or the Book of Changes calendar 2014 (starting on January 31) is the year of the horse and the elements of Wood and Fire.

The Horse is a majestic and powerful symbol. It's at once graceful, noble and strong yet sensitive, impulsive and flighty.

As any good horse rider can attest that to master the art of equestrian you must learn about the horse's nature. She's born to run free and unrestrained like the wild mustangs in the plains.

When handling a horse be gentle and yet firm and give only clear command otherwise you will confuse her and bring possible danger and injury to you and your steed.

By understanding her nature and learning to harness the powerful energy of the horse we can become extremely positive and productive.

The year of the Horse in 2014 symbolizes momentum; movement and action so expect a busy time, lots of travel and a hectic schedule.

If you have a clear purpose and a well-defined direction in your endeavor then the momentum of the year shall carry you the distance.

You will accomplish much this year. You must keep your impulsiveness in check however otherwise confrontations and challenges will stand in your way.

If lacking clarity you will be buffeted by uncomfortable changes all around you. In other words you must learn to ride and steer your horse otherwise you end up out of control and may have much to lose as a result.

According to the iChing 2014 is also characterized by wood and fire elements the dynamics of these two energies shall play out in the world as well as in all areas of your life.

Although these elements are in a creative alignment as Wood gives birth to Fire, 2014 is characterized by too much fire! Therefore on the global level there will be more heated conflicts and turmoil, explosions, and natural disasters.

On the economic front there will be positive news and optimism as economies continue to improve in the US and around the globe. Stock market will continue its upward trend as it is directly associated with the Fire element.

The industries that will benefit from this year's energy dynamics and economic growth include banking, computing, technology, engineering, transportation, shipping, auto industry, and communications.

On the personal level the year of the horse may show tendencies in the following five areas of your life.

Physical health

The Wood element is related to your liver, nervous system and the head and the Fire element relates to your heart, cardiovascular system and circulation these are the areas you need to pay extra attention to. Start the New Year by initiating a gentle cleansing and detoxification program with lemon in hot water, fresh vegetable juices an Internal Cleanse Tea consisting of dandelion, peppermint and chrysanthemum blossoms. Avoid coffee, red meat and fatty, fried foods. Additionally for heart health eat fish or take fish oils, exercise regularly and keep your stress low and blood pressure down by practicing Stress Release Meditation. Seek professional medical help at onset of any symptoms.

Emotional Health

Anger is your chief enemy this year. Anger, if explosive can hurt others and yourself particularly your liver, the nervous system and your heart creating health problems for yourself while unexpressed can turn into depression and resentment. Learn to regularly express your emotions verbally or through journaling. Channel your anger towards productive means like taking initiatives on changing negative situations into positive ones or challenge yourself with a new exercise regime.

Spiritual Health

Cultivating a spiritual understanding of life can help you develop deeper perspective on the human condition. When you develop yourself spiritually you can transform anger into compassion, anxiety into peace and confusion into clarity. You shall find the divine purpose of your existence and transcend suffering. Start by reading spiritual books. I suggest the book "Entering the Tao" which I've benefited from in my own spiritual cultivation. Additionally I recommend learning Qi Gong and Tai Chi, which are moving meditations that connect you to the universal source of existence.

Relationship Health

Wood and Fire elemental years often exhibit tendencies for stubbornness and impulsivity. Learn to control your impulsiveness and instead think through the consequences of your action and respond deliberately. Be flexible, compromising and adaptable in order to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. These are strategies to help you maintain healthy relationships both at work and at home.

Financial Health

Fire element fans optimism while wood element promotes impulsivity. These are poor combinations when it comes to your financial health as the tendency is to gamble and take higher risks with your finances. You must temper your optimism with caution and impulsivity with research and discipline. By setting realistic financial goals and outlining and following clear steps to achieving them and apply discipline and yet flexibility to accommodate changing conditions you will have a good chance of increasing your financial health this year.

In summary 2014 the year of the horse shall bring unique challenges and rewards. By learning from the insights and wisdom of the iChing we can help others and ourselves to avoid pitfalls and actualize the positive trends of the year of the horse and actualize our personal potentials.

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