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Bus Load Of Retirees To "Visit" Tribune Co. Board Members Today

Posted Jun. 20, 2013, 8:12 am

Mirror Staff

A bus full of retirees will travel all around Los Angeles today, including Santa Monica, with the senior citizens delivering letters to the Tribune Company Board Members in their offices. The letters ask Tribune Co. not to sell the Los Angeles Times to the Kochs.

Betty Madden, a retiree who is participating in the action in defense of free press, states that any sale of the Tribune newspapers to the Kochs would be adverse to the best interests of retirees.  

"The Koch brothers scare me,” Madden said. “Their history of aggressively opposing social security, and public pension funds should frighten every worker in town. The Kochs are right wing extremists. We must fight to protect public pensions, and social security, which are not entitlements, but benefits earned through hard work.”

The first bus stop is at the Los Angeles Times at 11 am. The bus then proceeds to deliver letters to four other Tribune Company Board Members in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

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