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A rendering of the proposed changes to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel. In terms of square feet, the Miramar would be expanded from its current 262,000-plus square feet to more than 550,000 square feet.
Image Courtesy Of The City of Santa Monica
A rendering of the proposed changes to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel. In terms of square feet, the Miramar would be expanded from its current 262,000-plus square feet to more than 550,000 square feet.

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Fairmont Miramar To Host Open House Thursday For Redevelopment Update

Posted Feb. 19, 2013, 9:26 am

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

The Fairmont Miramar will host an open house event this Thursday, Feb. 21 for an invite-only group of about 150 residents to learn more about the progress of the hotel’s planned redevelopment.

“For several years the owners of the Miramar Hotel have been working on a plan to restore the 86-year old hotel to its rightful place as one of the finest coastal resorts in California,” an announcement from the hotel reads. “We have reached out to over a thousand Santa Monica residents, businesses and stakeholders for input and comments on the future of the hotel.  Our preliminary plans were also the subject of extensive public hearings before the Planning Commission and the City Council last year. The input received was enormously helpful, and provided invaluable guidance.”

When the project came before City Council in early 2012 as part of its “float-up,” the proposed “revitalization” plan for the 4.5 acre property reduced the number of guest rooms from 296 to 265 but increased food and beverage space from 3,796 to 12,080 square feet. Meeting space was proposed to be cut in about half from 21,225 to 11,500 square feet, while retail space jumped from a meager 525 square feet to 6,400. The spa facilities were proposed to more than double in size from 5,569 to 13,483 square feet. Also proposed to double: Floor area ratio (1.4 to 2.9) and total floor area (262,000 to 550,000 square feet).

Parking spaces were proposed to more than triple from 160 to 484, with up to 120 condominiums and 40 affordable residential units also proposed.

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Feb. 19, 2013, 2:25:55 pm

Gordon Potik said...

My list for change includes the following. 1. Since tourism is one of our largest tax generating industries along with Health Care I would like to see the re-do of the Miramar to include an Educational Facility for our High School students entering their senior year. This facility will be used exclusively for New Employees of Miramar Hotels along with our Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District Seniors. The Miramar Hotel System will provide classes with respect to the Hotel Services Industry. This will create a job market for our students. 2. A walking bridge across the Pacific Coast Highway. This bridge will be located where Wilshire Blvd meets Ocean Avenue extending from the Palisades Park side of the Pacific Coast Highway to the beach side of the Pacific Coast Highway. 3. The building should not exceed the current height of the Miramar Hotel. 4. The street level corridors that evolve as a result of this project should be studied as to the air flow and other possible environmental negatives that could result. 5. We must make sure that we understand the full impact upon our Utility System requirements. Will there be major increases in utility needs??? 6. What will the impact be upon our sewer systems?

Feb. 19, 2013, 2:28:41 pm

Gordon Potik said...

It is my belief that any future commercial projects must include the following as a minimum. 1. Financial support to an educational facility that emphasizes the job requirements for the businesses that will be established within the project. 2. These educational facilities must be established for the graduating seniors of our school district. 3. These facilities will be used to provide curriculum such that when our seniors graduate they have the opportunity to seek local employment as they establish their future goals. 4. These facilities will also enable our students to participate in a positive manner in our community. 5. These educational facilities can also be used by various businesses that need training facilities to educate their employees as necessary.

Feb. 19, 2013, 5:31:57 pm

xboomer said...

I hope the City Council votes yes on this project. The Miramar needs a project like this to make sure that they can be competitive with the other hotels. I really like the part about increasing parking from 160 to 484. This is very good for Santa Monica!

Feb. 21, 2013, 10:03:18 am

Sue McHugh said...

This is absolutely a horrid vision - a blight on Santa Monica - it will certainly drive me out of this city which is catering more and more to tourists while torturing residents. Are our city officials being bribed by these developers? It's obvious how much money the Fairmont Corporation is spending by the publication of the glossy brochure included with Thursday's LA TIMES. We should be ashamed of turning Santa Monica into Miami Beach! Do we need this? What are the occupancy rates at our hotels now? the vacancy rates of the multi-units that have sprung up around the Promenade and Santa Monica Place?

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