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News, Santa Monica, 10 Freeway

Fatal Accident On 10 Freeway In Santa Monica

Posted Jun. 28, 2013, 9:48 am

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

A fatal accident occurred at 1:15 am Friday morning on the 10 Freeway just inside Santa Monica city limits with a possible drunk driver behind the wheel driving the wrong way, according to the LA Times.

The Times reports the suspected drunk driver was driving east in the westbound lanes when he hit a black sedan, killing one person and injuring several others.

The drunk driver was taken into custody and appeared uninjured, The Times reports.

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Jun. 28, 2013, 2:16:58 pm

King Author said...

Drunk drivers should be publicly executed to discourage others.

Jun. 29, 2013, 5:11:22 pm

Phil said...

No one knows how to drive over there. It is always a free for all. People need to slow the "you know what down" on the west side.

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