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Marina Del Rey Beach Parking, Youth Camps, Boat Storage Fees To Increase

Posted May. 14, 2014, 9:53 am

City News Service

Fees will go up for some county beach parking, youth camps and dry storage of boats trailered at Marina del Rey, the county Board of Supervisors decided today, but Supervisor Don Knabe took action to limit some of the hikes.

The Department of Harbors and Beaches, which last raised rates in 2009, proposed the increases based on a review of costs and comparable fees. The new rates are estimated to bring in $1.2 million annually.

"I understand that some surrounding communities charge as much or more," Knabe said. "Even then, we need to remember it is our residents and visitors who pay the price when we increase our fees to 'keep up with the Joneses.'"

Knabe said some of the jumps were too big, more than double in some cases, to be instituted all at once, especially when some are still feeling the effects of the last recession.

He proposed limiting parking increases to $2.50 per entry over existing fees.

He also recommended a $35 cap on increases on fees for surf and sailing camps that target disadvantaged and inner-city kids.

With Knabe's changes, the highest non-holiday parking rate at any of the county's 30 beach and marina lots will be $12.50 per day on summer weekends at Will Rogers State Beach.

The department is considering higher rates for holidays.

Dry storage for a 30-foot boat will go up about $90 per month, a nearly 60 percent increase. Charges for larger boats will increase even more dramatically.

The rates hikes drew criticism from some residents, including one who called them a "tax (on) the poor and middle class."

The department said it may adjust some fees downward over time if demand falls sufficiently.

Some increases will become effective immediately, while others will wait for Coastal Commission approval, expected later this month.

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