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The two naked PETA advocates in Santa Monica on Tuesday with a banner that reads, 'Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers.'
Courtesy Photo
The two naked PETA advocates in Santa Monica on Tuesday with a banner that reads, 'Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers.'

News, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica

PETA Advocates Go Naked On Third Street Promenade

Posted Apr. 22, 2014, 9:32 am

Mirror Staff

Updated Tuesday, April 22 - 3:05 pm

Two naked PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) advocates stood behind a banner that read "Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers" on Tuesday in Santa Monica in honor of Earth Day.

The advocates were at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Third Street Promenade starting at noon.

"Between sucking up water at an alarming rate and polluting the soil, water, and air, the meat industry is as toxic to the Earth as it is to human health," said PETA advocate Meggan Anderson. "PETA wants Americans to know that each of us can personally save precious resources—and animals—simply by going vegan."

According to PETA, California dedicates about 80 percent of its water to agriculture.

"Although the average amount of water needed to produce a ton of vegetables is approximately 85,000 gallons, it takes about 4 million gallons of water to produce a ton of meat," a statement from PETA read. "Meat's threat to the water supply is becoming a crisis for California."

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Apr. 22, 2014, 12:05:12 pm

Tony said...

I hope they're hot chics. I plan to go get a burger and watch them!

Apr. 22, 2014, 12:24:09 pm

Meat Eater true story said...

I'm a meat eater but even I'm starting to move away from meat. I began to learn more and more facts about what's in our livestock, how it's produced and what it's doing to my body. Like I said I am a meat eater, love to BBQ, steaks, chicken, all of it so I am biased. I should be pro-meat. When presented with real information, it was scary and disgusting. We're not talking about the old days when a cowboy raised cattle on pastures, although that exists in limited forms. The meat business is more like a top secret chemical company producing some tortured Frankenstein creature that has been loaded up with growth hormones and antibiotics because the conditions are so filthy that it wouldn't be fit for consumption any other way. Cancers and many other diseases of the American diet are directly attributed to meat eaters. I guess I just took the long way of saying think a little bit about what you put in your body and make an informed decision. I still eat some meat but I am losing my taste for the stuff by the week. If I can change my carnivorous tastes I am sure anyone can. Might even save your life.

Apr. 22, 2014, 2:12:40 pm

MercForR said...

I was there. No PETA or alt chicks to be found

Apr. 24, 2014, 3:30:53 pm

Peekin said...

They weren't really naked. We could see bikinis from the upper floor office window looking down on them!

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