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'Night Lights at Santa Monica Pier,' a new photo workshop-tour offered by SMC Community Education, is among 60-plus classes that will be offered in Winter 2014.
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'Night Lights at Santa Monica Pier,' a new photo workshop-tour offered by SMC Community Education, is among 60-plus classes that will be offered in Winter 2014.

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Registration Open For Santa Monica College Community Education Winter Classes

Posted Nov. 17, 2013, 9:17 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

Santa Monica College Community Education has announced a robust Winter Session – with more than 60 classes, workshops, and tours – and several new offerings. Online registration is now open and classes begin Jan. 6.

“The winter session is the perfect time to honor New Year’s resolutions and for living well,” said Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education. “That’s why we are offering a whole range of classes geared to our theme of ‘Living Well,’ from Mind and Body courses to Fitness and Relaxation to Health and Safety. You could even say that our “Women’s Auto Workshop” is about living well as students pursue wellness on the road and self-sufficiency. And we’re offering classes on financial well-being, such as ‘Smart Money Fundamentals’ and ‘Living Trusts.’”

One of the new offerings falling under the “Living Well” theme is “Introduction to Basic Mindfulness,” which teaches students how to meditate.

Community Education is also offering many classes, including new ones, in other categories.

Meyering said the program is particularly pleased to offer a new certificated “Secrets of Public Works Projects Series,” which begins Jan. 11 with a course on “Prevailing Wages: Tips You Need Before You Bid.”

“With more than $100 billion of approved California public works projects at stake, this new series is crucial for the construction business,” Meyering said. “We want contractors to learn about complex wage regulations so they can keep on track and maintain healthy profits.”

Meyering said Community Education continues to offer a strong listing of photography workshops for amateur photographers who want to be systematically put through a program that eventually results in a portfolio. Winter is one of the few times that “Black & White Printing” is scheduled, or students can sign up for hands-on Southern California photo safaris, including the new “Night Lights @ Santa Monica Pier.”

“We also want everyone to know that we can take care of your weekend by offering excursions to L.A.’s ‘underground art museum,’ Cachuma Lake and more,” Meyering noted.

Other new classes include a French pronunciation class, and “Animation Creators: Stop Motion” for 8- to 13-year-olds.

Students can get a 10 percent discount on all on-ground classes for the fall semester if they sign up for the e-newsletter at the website,, or like the SMC Community Education Facebook page,, and mention it when calling to register.

To register, call 310.434.3400 or go to

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Jerry McCutcheon said...

What is the tuition for those over 65

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