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Santa Monica Conservancy Seeks Walking Tour Docents

Posted Oct. 21, 2013, 7:50 am

Mirror Staff

The Santa Monica Conservancy is looking for additional docents to lead our historic walking tour of downtown, now in its seventh year.

This easy two hour stroll traverses more than 130 years of Santa Monica history, from its Wild West frontier beginnings to the sophisticated city of today.

Participants experience downtown’s diverse architectural heritage and learn about the civic leaders whose vision built the growing city and the feats of railroad men, ranchers, miners, builders, bankers, cowboys, outlaws, gamblers, saloon keepers, movie stars and muscle men.

The Downtown Walking Tour has become popular not only with local residents and their visitors, but also with tourists coming to Santa Monica from around the world.

“We are looking for friendly, energetic volunteers who are enthusiastic about our city and its history,” said Kay Pattison, the Conservancy’s Downtown Tour coordinator. “People who will enjoy sharing the colorful stories about our past and our architectural legacy.”

Interested individuals are encouraged to take the tour, offered every Saturday at 10 am. To reserve space on the tour, ask questions, or sign up for docent training, email or leave a message at 310.496.3146.

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