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Up Front With Julia Ladd: New Board President Of Santa Monica Chamber Of Commerce

Posted May. 19, 2014, 10:22 am

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

Incoming Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Julia Ladd is an experienced executive when it comes to commercial real estate.

For 24 years, she has concentrated on managing and redeveloping shopping centers and mixed-use environments across the country – including 21 years with Macerich.

As Assistant Vice President, Property Management for Macerich – owner of Santa Monica Place – Ladd has enthusiastically worked closely with the City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Downtown Santa Monica Inc., to promote the community and the shopping center as a local gathering place, and a “must-see” visitor and tourist destination.

Ladd’s dedication to maintaining a flourishing and innovative business environment has led her to the next business role as incoming Board Chair for the Santa Monica Chamber 2014-15.

As AVP PM, Ladd is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Santa Monica Place and the regional oversight of the Los Angeles Westside shopping centers.

Brenton Garen: As incoming Board Chair of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce for 2014/15 on June 11, what is your involvement with The Chamber and what do you see as your role moving forward?

Julia Ladd: As the incoming Board Chair I look forward to serving our board through efforts to grow our partnership with the City and businesses alike, supporting our business community through effective alliances and advocacy, resulting in a more vital local economy and improving our quality of life.

BG: Why do you think The Chamber is an important part of the community?

JL: The Chamber strives to promote a healthy local economy and a high quality of life in Santa Monica, through advocacy efforts, events, strategic partnerships, and community outreach. The Chamber helps develop and shape our community’s unique identity by helping Santa our Monica’s businesses prosper.

BG: What do you enjoy most about your role at Santa Monica Place?

JL: First, I appreciate having the opportunity to arrive at work each day in a beautiful seaside community in a remarkable destination like Santa Monica Place. Secondly, I enjoy working with a dynamic team that shares the vision of serving our multiple constituents. Offering an exciting place to shop, dine, and entertain as well as offering Santa Monica Place as a town center and community partner.

BG: Can you give any insight into any exciting upcoming developments at the mall?

JL: Santa Monica Place is bringing new retailers this year soon to be announced. The most exciting announcement to date is that Macerich and ArcLight Cinemas have collaborated with the City of Santa Monica to open a new 12-screen cinema on the third level Dining Deck above Bloomingdale’s. The new movie theatre concept will be unveiled at the end of summer 2015. The new ArcLight Cinemas will provide a unique and state of the art entertainment destination to serve Santa Monica residents and the greater community.  

BG: You are also a board member with Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. What do you see for the short and long term future of the downtown area?

JL: I foresee a thriving environment that benefits and appeals to Santa Monica residents, businesses and visitors. There are exciting projects underway that will enhance Downtown. One of the most exciting changes is the addition of the Expo Light Rail as it connects Santa Monica to the region in a sustainable way and supports the City’s long-term vision as an evolving destination. Downtown Santa Monica Inc. will be integrally involved in working with the City to help integrate the Expo and support other projects coming to life.

BG: What do you enjoy most about being involved with the Santa Monica community?

JL: I am thrilled to be actively involved in a forward-thinking community that envisions the possibilities and acts on them.

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May. 20, 2014, 6:18:40 pm

ted said...

I for one am sick sick sick of the Chamber of Commerce insinuating itself into the civic life of our progressive community. The C of C is one of the biggest donors to the Republican Party and do everything in their power to put climate deniers in charge of the environment and so on. I'd say if the Senate were to flip Republican and blockade President Obama even more, Santa Monicans would be unhappy. So why is the C of C funding those right wing clowns?

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