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Alexander Westgarth specializes in helping people invest in wine.
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Alexander Westgarth specializes in helping people invest in wine.

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Wine Broker Brings London Experience To Venice Beach

Posted Jun. 11, 2014, 9:11 am

Corina Mun / Staff Writer

Though he first started out in the wine brokerage industry on a whim, Alexander Westgarth now boasts more than 10 years of experience in this field. During these years, Westgarth built a plethora of contacts and connections, which have in turn provided him with access to extensive and exclusive quantities of the world’s most treasured and prized wines.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Westgarth had tried his hand in several areas of study before deciding to commit to this particular industry and take a more serious approach to his professional life. With years of work experience at other wine brokerage services under his belt, Westgarth and his aunt teamed up and began marketing Westgarth Wine Investment Brokers in Southern California in 2012. The Venice location debuted about two and a half years ago.

Westgarth Wines provides investors with a gateway between the United Kingdom and the United States. The wine market in the UK holds high-profit potential, as the United Kingdom possesses the world’s biggest wine commodity market alongside a government-related system that documents the origin and history of various wines.

While Westgarth sources wines mainly in the UK and France, the company has the ability to connect investors with a global pool of buyers when it is time to sell, which means that the investor’s chances of a profitable and quick sale are maximized.

Though Westgarth clients do receive the opportunity to possess such luxury items, the company has a more fulfilling long-term goal in mind, as such items are only a means of achieving financial rewards and other investment aspirations. Westgarth Wines wants to ultimately see their investors happier, “with greater peace of mind and a better standard of living.” The company believes that their service – fine wine investment – “can be the stepping stone” to this higher standard.

Some ways in which Westgarth aims to accomplish this goal is by ensuring that all of their clients and investors have their portfolios tailored by specialists, who are very knowledgeable about the wine market and know what and when is wisest to buy. A trained Westgarth personal associate will be assigned to each client to guide them through the investment process in order to attend to and fully understand individual needs and objectives.

In addition, any necessary arrangements regarding purchases, including transportation and transferrals, will be taken care of by Westgarth Wines. The investors will also be frequently updated on their market performance, as Westgarth “will act as eyes and ears,” arming the client with any and all relevant information.

Another provided benefit is a year’s worth of storage and insurance. Westgarth Wines also provides investors a storage place at one of the world’s finest facilities, Corsham Cellars, which is located in Wilshire, England. The client is entitled to a preferential rate for another storage service after the first year.

And because Westgarth Wines is not a wine merchant and does not carry its own stock, it is therefore able to serve as a legitimate source of unbiased advice as a company with “no vested interest in recommending a particular type of wine.” In this way, the investor’s needs are ensured as the top priority. There is no doubt that Westgarth Wines values its investors and that each client will reap some form of reward. Its service-oriented approach gives Westgarth a stand-out component.

Westgarth Fine Wine Investments is located on 475 W. Washington Blvd. For more information, call 855.345.3844 or visit

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