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Mountain View Mobile Home Trailer Park Claim Needless: Letter To The Editor

Posted Dec. 26, 2012, 11:53 am

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

In reply The Mirror's Dec 21- 27, 2012 front page issue about the lawsuit filed against the City regarding Mountain View mobile home park I can’t believe that four residents of our Park would sue the City over what sounds like nothing. Apparently a few of our residents want to try to embarrass themselves and majority of the rest of us very happy and respectful residents at Mountain View.

First the Resident Association has only few members. In 2009 I myself refused to run for a fifth term as president of the Association because these same trouble makers, which are angry, selfish and actually enjoy causing trouble. I’ve never attended one of their “Association” meetings.

I personally thank the City for keeping our rents low and Rent Controlled. The City spent a lot of money putting in new sewer, natural gas, water, cable and electrical utilities. Each utility had to be placed at different levels and in different locations, the sewer at 11 feet and so on. Before the utility upgrade most of us used propane tanks that cost twice as SoCal gas does now. The Park hadn’t replaced these utilities since the Park began in 1947. The City did all of this at one time, they even took out the telephone poles. The work was dirty but most of us really appreciate what the City did for us. It is a mystery to me that these trouble makers are bitching and suing about dust and dirt. This issue typifies how frivolous their lawsuit is. It is ridiculous to think they are owed millions when we the residents have been safeguarded and our living conditions greatly improved.

In 2000 the City bought the Park and zoned it as a mobile home park for 55 years. The City has kept our rents low as most of our residents are extremely low income individuals and families.

The next thing the City did for the residents was to replace the 20 or so trailers that the City owns and rents with brand new energy efficient manufactured homes each with a new washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher and solar panels to keep the electricity and gas usage down for us. And then the City offered to buy privately owned trailers in return for new manufactured homes. I sold my dilapidated trailer and was able to purchase a new gas sipping car and put a down payment on some dental work at the UCLA and prepay some rent. Since I live on SSI my rent stays the same!

It’s too bad some people here had to park in new spaces due to the widening of some of our narrow rows to move in new homes and to ensure that fire and rescue vehicles can get in quickly. This was necessary but in no way was it done to persecute anyone. Knowing that some of us would lose our regular parking spaces the City made the effort to accommodate people with spaces closer to their trailers if they could show evidence that they had a medical reason. I just had knee replacements and was given a space fairly close to my unit, it was that simple.

You can’t please all the people all of the time. But the City has made a tremendous effort to safeguard our Park’s future, replaced the infrastructure, kept rents low and replaced many trailers with new manufactured homes.

As very low fixed income person I feel very lucky to be living in Santa Monica where the beauty of the ocean, the sky and over all seascapes is next to none. As a 16 resident of Mountain View and 4 time past president of the Residents Association I can assure you that the great majority of our residents are extremely appreciative to be living here. There will always be complainers and trouble makers but these folks are in reality a tiny group. It’s very hard for me to believe their assertion that 15 residents have signed on to this suit. I know I won’t.

I just want to thank the City for everything they have done for us at Mountain View, thank you so much!

Randy Walburger

Santa Monica

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Jan. 20, 2013, 6:28:40 am

Roberto Gomez said...

In response to Randy Walburger. During his term as President of Mountain View Mobile Home Park he held secret talks witht the City of Santa Monica. He has, and as is obvious, by his current ass-kissing diatribe, that the Ass Kissing continues. He did not refuse to run again for MVMHP President. The residents at MVMHP did not have confidence in Walburger. Period! Mr. Walburger, and I use the term "Mister" losely, would betray his own mother to cut deals for himself. He is not to be trusted which would include what he stated in the Post. I am a resident of MVMHP.

Jan. 29, 2013, 10:17:53 am

Several Residents from Mountain View MHP said...

Again Roberto Gomez is using broad statements with no foundation to intimidate and harass the residents at mountain view. Now his eye is on Randy Walburger. Who will be next? At least 10 residents in the park have written complaints against Roberto and his intimidation tactics. The majority of whom are women. What does that tell you? As for someone who would betray his mother, Roberto needs to give a hard look at his life and how he acquired residency in the park to begin with before he speaks about betrayal.

Mar. 8, 2013, 6:45:10 am

Roberto Gomez said...

"The Several Residents from Mountain View MHP said" coward who continues to slander me will find himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. You post this trash on the Patch and now on the Mirror. Thank you. It should be easy to find you. I only need to file a a lawsuit and subpoena your name. The libelous statements you made on the Patch are actionable. Be patient we will see each other in court. And thanks again for making my case that much more solid! Momma raised a fool. She must be proud.

Jun. 19, 2013, 2:53:15 pm

Jim said...

As a former resident of Mountain View, I have (like the author) first hand knowledge of this small group of angry discontents and there attempts to exploit the temporary inconvenience of the City's building works. These people are bitter, mean-spirited and totally unrepresentative of Mountain View. I hope this frivolous lawsuit is treated with the disdain it deserves..

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