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Tow Truck Blackmail And Extortion In Santa Monica: Letter To The Editor

Posted Jan. 31, 2013, 8:23 am

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

On Saturday night, Jan. 5, I was legally parked in a lot at Yale and Wilshire, where I was a diner in Kimuya restaurant. My son showed up and told a tow truck driver to not hook it up. I came out 20 seconds later and it was hooked up and I was told to pay $81 or my car would be towed. I also had to sign a form. I could not see what I was signing. They released the car, it was pure blackmail and extortion.

They were going to tow my car with a front wheel drive which would have ruined my transmission. The manager from the Vitamin Shoppe had no right to tow my car, another car was towed. A sign from the Vitamin Shoppe was illegal with no approval from Santa Monica police, and no telephone number was posted. I have checked with police and they stated my car was about to be illegally towed without proper parking signage. I will contact the other car driver.

The manager at the Vitamin Shoppe should be liable for this to the tow company who had no authority to tow cars. I have parked in the lot for the last seven years. I was legally parked using the facilities. Why are these highway robbers allowed to operate?

Your Sincerely,

R. Phillip

Los Angeles

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Feb. 2, 2013, 4:25:44 am

mangeleno said...

Your remedy is Small Claims Court. Either that or find someplace else to park

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