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Yes On Prop 30 And Prop 38: Letter To The Editor

Posted Oct. 30, 2012, 2:18 am

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Help our schools on November 6th by voting yes on both Propositions 30 and 38! California schools have the largest class sizes in the nation, they rank 50th out of the 50 states. California schools also rank 47th nationally in per pupil spending. California voters have the opportunity to do something about this by voting yes on 30 and 38.

Voting for both 30 and 38 increases the likelihood that one of the initiatives will pass. A divided vote will make it more difficult to achieve the simple majority needed. Should both pass, the one with the largest majority will become law. As Californians, we all need to contribute to improving our schools because we will all share in the benefits better schools will bring to our state’s economy and quality of life.

Proposition 30 will provide $6 billion a year in additional revenues for the first 4 years (2013 – 2016) with a ¼ cent increase in sales tax and a higher state income tax for earners over $250,000. The amount for the remaining 3 years (2017 – 2019) will be less since the revenues will be based only on the state income tax increase.

Proposition 38 will provide $10 billion a year in additional revenues for 12 years (2013 - 2024) with a progressive state income tax increase. (You can find out what your additional tax obligation after all deductions will be at These funds will be in addition to the Proposition 98 guaranteed funding for schools. In the first 4 years of Proposition 38, 30% of the $10 billion raised will be used to pay off state debt, thereby freeing up funds in the state budget for other expenditures; 60% will go directly to K-12 schools and 10% will used for Early Care and Education for preschoolers. For the remaining 8 years Proposition 38 is in effect, 85% will go to schools and 15% for Early Care and Education. (You can find out how much your school(s) will receive during these 12 years at

Join me in voting yes on 30 and 38 to ensure that at least one of these propositions passes. California schools need more funding. That’s a fact! It is up to us voters to make sure our schools receive it.

Mary Ann Garvey

Treasurer, University High PTSA

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Oct. 30, 2012, 7:36:36 am

wolflen said...

well mary seems you not only like love em...perhaps its all those union dues you pay... makes one wonder how CA is 47th is school spending with all the billions that are thrown at schools..dosent anyone ask..hey..where does all the $$ it turns out..its not for the seems the teachers unions love more $ they can increase dues and donate to politicians that want to raise taxes "for the children"... come on mary ann...tell me im wrong...

Oct. 30, 2012, 1:47:41 pm

Patti Braun, Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council President said...

There is no question that the State of California needs additional revenues. Propositions 38 and 30 have different approaches and priorities, but both address this critical need for new revenues. California State PTA’ and Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council have taken positions of strong support for Proposition 38, based on the fact that Prop 38 guarantees substantial, new funding for every school for 12 years. This funding would restore cut programs and personnel, and raise per pupil spending from 47th in the nation! PTA’s support position on Proposition 38 should not be construed by anyone as opposition to Proposition 30. Its important that people know that 3 billion dollars is set aside in the first four years of the Measure to pay off state education debt, freeing up state revenue so that our legislators will restore funding to our ailing community colleges, UCs and CSUs. There is plenty of money forthcoming with 38 to both provide for higher education AND cover those dreaded mid year "trigger cuts." We know that many individuals and PTA members plan to vote “yes” for both initiatives on November 6th. PTA also strongly supports our teachers and educators, and we hope these dedicated public servants will similarly encourage people to vote for both initiatives. We must send a strong message that Californians are ready to pay more to finally invest in our schools and in our deserving students.

Oct. 30, 2012, 7:43:00 pm

m,angeleno said...

What is the ratio of administrators to actual classroom educators in the distrtict? It seems that you can never get a straight answer to what should be a simple query. With Californians tax burden already over 50% combined state, fed

Nov. 4, 2012, 11:29:24 am

Arthur Christopher Schaper said...

The state of California does not have a ''revenue problem." This state has a spending proble, in which the politicians are spending time and money on pensions, benefits, and inane issues which have nothing to do with lightening the tax burden or stopping the waste, fraud, and entitlements hurting the state. Reform the spending, then we can talk about revenue increases. No to 30 and 38.

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