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Santa Monica, April Fools

Balance-Striking Broadcast Taps Clinton And Foster

Balance-Striking Broadcast Taps Clinton And Foster.
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Balance-Striking Broadcast Taps Clinton And Foster.

April Fool's 2013!

Posted Apr. 1, 2013, 9:24 am

Staff Report

The National Organization for Women’ Santa Monica chapter has won its battle to host a counter “Today” show morning broadcast to mitigate the damage done by a recent “Today” show featuring Kathy Lee and Hoda from Santa Monica Place.  

A NOW press release said that the recent “TODAY” show segment was “a setback for working American women who don’t have the time to be middle-aged adolescents babbling incoherently in a shopping mall under the influence of alcohol.”  

NOW’s course-correcting alternative “TODAY” show broadcast will be hosted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and actor Jodie Foster and feature segments on self-defense, Native American homeopathic cures, and DIY in-vitro fertilization.  

Instead of the Santa Monica Place Mall, the broadcast will originate from the Dale Evans Room at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum.

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