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Santa Monica, April Fools

April Fool's 2014!

Solar Roller Coaster Strands 23 At Santa Monica Pier

Posted Apr. 1, 2014, 9:03 am

Special To The Mirror

By Lee Deway / Assembled Press

Clouds gathered over the viability of the new solar-powered roller coaster ride “Sun Twister” at the Santa Monica Pier, when a sudden change in weather stranded 23 passengers at the highest point on the ride.

All of the stranded passengers were adults with “trust issues” who were visiting Santa Monica Pier as part of a field trip with their support group, “Overcome Doubt Now.”

Sally Abandoned, leader of the ODN group, said that the riders were left stuck at the top of a thrill-inducing high point of the ride just minutes after a lunch hour lecture titled “The World Is Not Out to Get You.”

Visitors to the pier first reported hearing screams of “I want to live!” and “I know my father is behind this!”, then noticed that sudden cloudy skies had brought the roller coaster to an expected stop.

All 23 passengers of the Sun Twister were safely removed by Santa Monica fire and rescue personnel responding to the scene, but only after each of them were thoroughly questioned by the stranded passengers about their experience and background in rescue efforts. 

Pier officials are now considering a battery back-up unit for the ride that will be fabricated by the General Motors Ignition Systems unit.

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