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'American Animals' debuts at Santa Monica Little Theater.
Courtesy Image
'American Animals' debuts at Santa Monica Little Theater.

Seven Days, Theater, Santa Monica

"American Animals" On Stage At Santa Monica Little Theater

Posted Apr. 6, 2013, 9:52 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

One man’s senatorial career from a novice to a presidential hopeful comes to life on-stage in Santa Monica through a highly inappropriate relationship in "American Animals."

Writer/director Alex Dandino brings audiences inside the world of American politics…and all of their capacities to further distort the lines between right and wrong.

Congressman Ben Collins’ conviction to do right by his constituents and the country may be common sense, but a series of choices lead him into the secretive corners of D.C. and into the hands of powerful political operatives.

The show opened Friday, April 5. It is also playing April 6, 12, and 13 at 8 pm and April 7 at 5 pm.

Santa Monica Little Theater is located at 12420 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles.

Tickets are $10, which can be bought online at

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