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Jeff Sable and Paul Mischeshin star in “It’s The Biz” at the 
Promenade Playhouse.
Photo by Ed Krieger
Jeff Sable and Paul Mischeshin star in “It’s The Biz” at the Promenade Playhouse.

Seven Days, Theater, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica

“It’s The Biz” Opens At Santa Monica's Promenade Playhouse

Posted Oct. 19, 2013, 6:28 am

Mirror Staff

The Promenade Playhouse this weekend opens the world premiere comedy “It’s The Biz” with performances Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 7 pm through Nov. 24.

To the outsider, show business is the sexiest, most glamorous of pursuits. For those whom working within the Industry is an everyday, workaday reality, there is another perspective: “Get used to it.”

“It’s The Biz” is set in Hollywood in the 80s, when money, sex, abuse-inviting substances, and power flowed like rivers. It’s also a time when agents and casting directors would still meet with the talented and the beautiful face-to-face, to potentially discover and tap that next bonanza of big bucks.

Wally Bryant is an established and influential agent in this world. He has a new young associate, Marty, who really wants to be a screenwriter, but sees the agency as an entry point.

Both of them are really good talent agents. They manage to find the genuinely accomplished, even as they trudge through a swamp of puffed-up egos, artistic temperaments, personality disorders and frantic deadlines. One even has an intimate relationship with a client, not a best-business practice.

The cast includes, in alphabetical order: Greg Albany, Charles Anteby, Rachel Amanda Bryant, Brice Harris, Dyan Kane, Paul Mischeshin, Jeff Sable, Julie Shelton, Hunter Smit, and Michael Sotkin.

This is a visiting production at Promenade Playhouse, home of Promenade Acting Conservatory.

Tickets are $30, call 323.960.4443 or visit

For more information, visit

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