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Driver Sam, played by Denyc, and her best friend Abby, played by Amelia Eifert, are ready for adventure on the roads of California in the web series “California Roll.”
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Driver Sam, played by Denyc, and her best friend Abby, played by Amelia Eifert, are ready for adventure on the roads of California in the web series “California Roll.”

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Santa Monica Actress Sets Out To Raise Funds To Get Web Series Rolling

Posted Nov. 13, 2012, 1:06 am

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

Angelenos are known for the countless hours they spend driving in their cars, so it’s no surprise creating a show about it would turn out to be a one we all can laugh at.

Santa Monica-based actress Denyc has created a web series that pokes fun at the all too familiar situations drivers go through on a day-to-day basis.

The show totes a catchy name, going by the title “California Roll.”

The idea for the show came to her after she experienced first-hand just how much time people in LA spend driving on the road each day, and the all too familiar situations everyone goes through in their car.  

While driving she began to document and create videos of the crazy events that happened along the way.  

She then posted the videos on the Internet and they were an instant hit with her friends and family.  

Now, she wants to entertain others with her experiences.

Along with the help of her friends, she is raising funds for this passion project on, a website that allows anyone to donate to the project through crowd funding.

They have less than two weeks left to raise their goal of $12,000, and are excited to get the word out to the community.

“The budget is set to cover all costs from rentals to editing,” Denyc said. “You can find more details on our Indiegogo page. I’m very proud to be filming a show in my own neighborhood. We really want to get the residents of Santa Monica involved, ‘California Roll’ is about what everyone experiences on the road.”

Denyc’s original inspiration may have come from her own escapades, but she is encouraging all fans to write in and tell their stories.

“It’s a big part of what this show is about – we want to hear everyone’s scenarios,” she said. “Each four minute episode follows two best friends who are chasing their dreams in life, but it just happens to take place in the car, where anything can happen, from mundane to out of the ordinary.”

She gave a few examples of the types of situations played out in a comedic way in this series.   

“Do you remember the last time your passenger turned into a karaoke star while stuck in traffic?” she said. “Or looking endlessly for a parking spot when you have to go to the bathroom? Have you ever had to drive home on an awkward first date? As the two girls make their way around the city, they find themselves in just about every situation.”

The team is offering different perks in exchange for donations, an extra bonus that is offered to all supporters on the Indiegogo page.

No matter what amount the team raises they are set to start production of the first season at the start of December.

For more information on the show, or to donate, visit or email to contribute any ideas of crazy things that have happened while driving that could be used in the show. For more information on Denyc and her other projects, visit

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