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16-year-old Venice skateboarder Leandre Sanders does a backside railslide along the edge of the skater bowl on Go Skateboarding Day at the Venice Skateboard Park Friday afternoon.  Sanders was just one of the Dogtown skating crew who showed up en masse for the skateboarding event.

Sports, Skateboarding, Venice Beach

Dogtown Skateboarders Lead Go Skateboarding Day At Venice Beach Skatepark

Posted Jun. 21, 2013, 7:37 pm

The first day of Summer ignited in style attracting thousands of Westside skateboarders who took to the streets on the skaters "holiday" aptly named national Go Skateboarding Day having the effect of packing the local skateparks on the Westside and stoking skaters in the process. 16-year-old Leandre Sanders said that the Go Skateboarding Day event was not just a local phenomenon but a national one. "Today is the national Go Skateboarding Day," said Sanders. "It's a day when a bunch of skaters group up and have a little skate contest."

Venice skater Edwin Osario hangs high in the air showing off a sick melon grab after being launched off of the skater bowl at the Venice Beach skate park Wednesday afternoon.  Osario is one of the hundreds of local skaters in the area who will be attending the Go Skateboarding Day event at the Venice Beach skate park Friday afternoon.

Sports, Skateboarding, Venice Beach

Venice Beach Skatepark To Usher In Go Skateboarding Day

Posted Jun. 19, 2013, 5:31 pm

The annual Go Skateboarding Day at the Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach is expected to attract over 500 professional and amateur skateboarders who will flip tricks and grind away for the ninth year in a row Friday afternoon. June 21 has been labeled around the world as the official day for skateboarders to usher in the summer by riding on their skateboards all day. One of the non-local skaters attracted to the event was visiting Vermont skater Matt Houran who said that his experience at the Venice Beach Skatepark Wednesday afternoon was an experience that he would never forget. "It's amazing here," said Houran. "This is probably the best skate park I have ever been to coming from the east coast."

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