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Star Gazing:


Keep your schedule free and clear for the next two weeks to allow for some special person to walk into your life. When you are too busy to catch your breath, life speeds by you in fast-motion, and everything is a blur. What you need to see is a sharp outline, the shades of darkness and light. Moving too fast makes everything look the same.


Focus is on health – in not getting too emotionally drained because it takes its toll on your body. You find joy in the little things, and in moments that don’t come around very often. Something’s gotta give on the home front, however; you can’t do it all alone – it’s just not possible at this stage.


You have light in your heart – and you spread joy when you’re not even intending to and you make the whole world a better place when you walk into the room. This is a gift you shouldn’t take lightly, and one that follows you throughout your life. When God gives you lemons make lemonade – the first step is recognition of gifts.


You will be on an upward spiral, moving higher for once – and from such great heights you can have a free ride back down. No, it’s not just downhill from there – the hill is full of many dips and swells – you are required to only start your journey – where it takes you will be the surprise you have coming.


Saying goodbye to those we’ve bonded deeply with is near impossible. With so much suffering in the world, there isn’t a place that isn’t on television that is perfect. You can’t keep reaching back into your past. You can’t keep hoping the present will miraculously change. We live, therefore we struggle. Each and every silly creature on the planet.


You must let your surrogate security blanket go – and try dwelling in an unprotected space. You won’t always be in safe surroundings, but the challenges you seek will be abundant. It is only when you are tested that your true inner strength shines through. You have just begun.


The colors of the rainbow are reflected in your personality. You aren’t just one morbid shade, nor one glorious hue – you reflect the differences, the vibrancy and the sadness. You are also as easily recognized as a rainbow and perhaps as sought after. Know your special-ness.


You can’t predict how someone else might react when you reveal your deeper feelings regarding a touchy subject. You can, of course, work out in advance your own expectations of the situation. And you can find a better way to communicate your message across borders. Watch those boundaries.


It probably isn’t the best idea in the world to withhold key information from someone you resent. Sooner or later, anyone without an imbedded sense of morality will screw you over. Their own sense of right or wrong will dictate what they do. While you don’t have much control over it – you do have the ability to walk away when the heat becomes overwhelming.


Isn’t it funny how time and place means everything? There was a time when you thought there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do to be with a certain someone – but the space occupied is now empty. When you have a moment of clarity you realize how wrong it now seems. Gather up your memorabilia and make a nice space for it in a box.


You have a brief history you can’t quite forget. You have rage and anger left over and no place to put them. Be careful that your anger isn’t directed at the wrong person. Get plenty of exercise and keep yourself in tip top shape because you’ll become rundown this coming weekend.


You are almost through the worst of a not so great time, a way too busy time, that has nearly sucked the life out of you. And your presence is requested in various other places. Finish what you started and contemplate making a switch with your major time expenditures. You might find the foot has outgrown the shoe.

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