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Appellant Asks to Reappeal:

Yesterday, Matt Baird, who appealed the Planning Commision’s approval of the antenna installation, gave the following statement to The Mirror:

“We firmly believe that if City Council knew of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that was handed down earlier on Tuesday, March 22, they would have voted differently.

“AT&T successfully sued the City of Santa Monica on a previous occasion because it was denied a cell tower at 18th and San Vicente. AT&T also sued the city of Carlsbad for $250,000 due to their denial of a cell-tower.

“But if Council was made aware of the significant U.S. Supreme Court decision, then they would have been free to vote their true conscience with regards to placing 3000 watts of microwave radiation in our backyards.

“Placing 3000 watts of continuous radiation in our backyards when AT&T and Cingular Wireless have no gaps in coverage within the City of Santa Monica makes no sense. This is why we feel that Mayor O’Connor and City Council should rehear our appeal.

“Just because the Federal Government feels that microwave radiation is safe doesn’t make it so.

“Look at Vioxx: the Federal Government approved of that fiasco and now look at the lawsuits.“Well, the clock is ticking. Who will be the first to sue the FCC, AT&T, and Cingular for damages to their health, and property values? The whole thing is a time bomb.”

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