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City Heavy Duty Vehicles Running on Biodiesel:

The City of Santa Monica has converted 80 of its heavy duty vehicles and machines to biodiesel, a cleaner, more environmentally friendly fuel.

70 percent of its fleet now uses clean-air fuel technologies.

Biodiesel is less toxic than petroleum diesel, naturally biodegradable, and free of aromatic hydrocarbons. It is made from organic fats and oils such as virgin and recycled vegetable oil.

Its use dramatically reduces hydrocarbon emissions, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and sulfur, all of which contribute to poor air quality and have a negative impact on the health of children.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx), a smog ingredient, is the only pollutant that is expected to increase slightly.

Rick Sikes, superintendent of fleet operations, said, “If everything goes well with B20, we’ll introduce B100, or 100% biofuel. Then, people may actually enjoy the smell of diesel engine exhaust.”

The environmental attributes of this new fuel are especially significant for the city’s beach maintenance crew, which relies on diesel fuel for its daily operations and for pressure-washers that are used to clean the streets and sidewalks in the city’s retail districts.

Solid Waste Supervisor Wes Thompson said, “This equipment is deployed seven days a week on our beaches and streets, so this change is a huge step forward in making our operations more sustainable.”For more information on the program please contact Rick Sikes at (310) 458-8514.

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