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Residents Can Shape Santa Monica on Web:

The City of Santa Monica has created two websites on which residents can comment on the revisions of the General Plan’s land use and circulation elements.

The land use element delineates the distribution of different types of buildings (housing, business, industry, open space, etc.), while the circulation element sets out the location of existing and proposed roads, highways and other modes of transportation. The elements’ goals are then translated in the zoning ordinance into standards and procedures.

The General Plan was last updated in 1984.

The land use element website can be accessed directly at or can be reached via links from the City’s homepage,

Once at the website, residents can participate in an internet survey, which will shut down March 31, and/or download the “Discover Santa Monica Guidebook,” which directs users to take a walk in the neighborhood of their choice and answer the questions in the guidebook.

This website also contains links to news about the revision process, highlights from the community workshops being held by the City, community forum summaries, and excerpts from people’s neighborhood walking tours.

The community workshop highlights include photos, and suggestions from participants.

Also included are links to the short-term schedule for the process, City staff reports and other relevant documents.

The circulation element website can be accessed directly at, from the land use element website or from the City’s homepage. At the website, residents can take part in a “Motion By The Ocean” transportation survey on or before March 31, and can view the results of the City’s fishbowl survey, which was taken between May 1, 2004 and February 1, 2005.

Selected residents were given $100 in $10 “Money Motion” bills and asked to spend them on transportation-related programs by placing them in fishbowls representing parking, transit, bicycling, relieving bottlenecks, walking and neighborhood traffic calming. The website will also contain highlights from the bicycle and neighborhood traffic workshop, when they are ready.Residents can sign up at both sites for e-mail notices about future meetings and other related information and can also contact the City departments that are coordinating various portions of the revision process.

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