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Star Gazing:


Too many decisions and not enough preparation to make them.  Passion burns hotter when you’re next to the flame.  Have just the right touch to keep from burning.  Disappointment causes you to rethink some of your goals.  Attaining your life’s dream could come soon, maybe even too soon. Are you really ready for it now?



The cup is just right where there’s not too much sugar and not too much coffee. Balance is the key.  Never fear that you can’t handle things – you are more well-equipped than most.  Your inclination toward truth will always cause many to seek you out so that you’ll tell it like it is.  It is only this hard now.  Help is on the way.



 It’s more flow than ebb this week, as relationships solidify.  You will enjoy the closeness you feel with others, especially those with whom you are having an emotional relationship.  You can’t have everything, however, and bad behavior begets bad behavior.  Do not succumb to the temptation to have everything for yourself. 



Imagining the worst can manifest in weird ways  – but don’t let your imagination run wild. You can make a mountain out of a mole hill if you don’t be careful.  A gift seems like payback until you accept it as is, no strings attached.  Give away something equally valuable to you.  Walk the line but don’t fear losing out on the fun stuff.



Reaching out farther than your comfort zone helps relax you in the times of stress.  You have a great many things to teach.  It’s a time for great luck – trust your instincts on a certain business matter.  And if nothing pans out soon, get  some solid advice from the one you most trust.



An event causes you to rethink some of your decisions regarding a close family member.  You will spend some time reorganizing your approach.  A good savings plan is all you need to get ahead so that you don’t feel trapped.  Be honest to the point of cruelty regarding someone who just won’t get the message.



This week could see many shifts and changes in your outlook; where you were once deeply bothered by something, now it only seems like a pointless hassle.  On the other hand, bailing before the boat has sunk could lead to regret later on.  Move your ego aside when making decisions for your near and dearest.



There is plenty of you to go around – but not enough to go around for you.  You can’t overcome the obstacles from the past that are forcing you to continue to face those things you’d much rather forget.  A strategy needs to be incorporated to get the job done.  Check them off, one by one until you’re home free.



No matter how hard you fight you will only get so far.  You have to ask yourself, is it worth the personal turmoil you put yourself through?  Is it worth the hardship of rebuilding again after a setback?  Isn’t it better to sometimes cut your losses and move on?  You will be getting clues to solve the mystery.



You can’t cure normal. You can validate your own feelings by not second guessing yourself every five seconds.  What you’re doing is right – not wrong.  You have every right to feel the way you do.  When others bring themselves front and center you will not have so much on your plate but will be sharing duties.  You get an unexpected break, for once.



You won’t ever get over such a huge loss.  We never do when they mean that much.  You can honor them by doing something creative.  It’s also a time for celebration and congratulations.  You bring many things to the party, among them, keen wit and heightened perception.  So, pull out like a party trick.



You are in a transitional phase right now – your path with now also have to be redefined.  But make your decisions based on your inner truth, not on some idea of what others think is best for you.  You are the only one who knows and deep down you do know.  Try to put yourself in situations where you can focus better.

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