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Star Gazing:


Just when you think you’ve finished, you find you have to start all over again.  And nothing could be worse than having to start from scratch – on the other hand, you discover whole new sides of you that you never knew existed.  The trouble starts when you try to reinvent the wheel – no need to do that.  Simplicity is the root to happiness.



Taking some time away from the grind gives you a much-needed rest.  It is a milestone year for you and time to get some long term goals in mind for the coming years.  You find happiness in the most unexpected moments and gifts are given aplenty.  A secret message comes from a secret admirer.



Change the order in your routine this week, look at things from a different viewpoint and you will see different things.  Don’t sell yourself short on the things you like to have around you, just because you’re trying to be nice and let others hog the happiness.  If you feel deprived, who knows what ways you’ll act out.



Watch your words as this week they might come back to haunt you.  You must see things both ways – as both the talker and the listener.  You can get what you put in, especially if you lace the truth with humor.  Creativity will be your friend when you begin to feel trapped in a situation you wish you could get out of.  Perhaps there is more than one direction to take it.



You can’t judge a book by its cover so don’t pretend that  you know more than you do.  On the other hand, a makeover never hurts, especially if you’re ridding your life of the skin you so desperately want to shed.  Be grateful for those who are the most loyal to you – when someone is in it for the long haul, you know you can trust them.



It’s never going to be perfect.  You have to strive for progress instead.  A little bit ahead, a little bit behind.  You’ll never have to really fight to get people to respect you, nor to love you, but getting certain types of people to take you seriously will be a lifelong goal.  You may have to dodge a bullet or two in getting from failure to success.



There’s a fine line between depression and humiliation – and an even finer line between happiness and admiration.  You will bounce back and forth between these two realms until you are in the clear, which isn’t too far off.  Love is a priority as well – either reviving a current one or making that bold move on a new one. 



You should be surrounded by those you love and trust and can relax around, especially over the weekend.  It isn’t a time to be afraid to express yourself honestly about your needs.  If you don’t do that, bitterness will fester.  At the same time, you discover your old tricks don’t work anymore and new ones are needed.



A reinvention is in order.  You can see it coming from a mile away.  Mysteries have yet to reveal themselves.  Take away the one thing that is creating so many problems in your life.  Once you cut it out, and make it disappear, you will feel a sense of relief like never before.  Stress manifests itself whether you’re conscious of it or not.



Life isn’t going to be how you want it to be; it’s going to be how it is.  And you’ll only drive yourself crazy trying to put all of the pieces in the order that best suits you.  You have to think of others before you think of yourself this time, and in so doing you’ll have to make significant compromises.  But all is not lost, you have the wisdom to make it work.



You will have to open up your mind to possibilities that will chafe against your need for order.  Sometimes chaos is the only way to get through the day.  If you give up the need to have control and leave it up to fate you will distress yourself in unimaginable ways.



It’s a time for reflection and renewal.  You find a way to reinvent yourself every time your birthday rolls around.  What will be this time?  As ever, you are aware of the ever-ticking clock, which reminds you that this is no dress rehearsal.  Make the best use of your time, which is going to be key heading into the summer. 

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