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Star Gazing:

Aries A fortunate occurrence brings you to closer to the one you love.  Be ready to give and receive appropriately.  Disappear when an awkward subject arises at a gathering.  You give a little, get a little and no one gets hurt – you get a little, get a little and it all comes down to not much.  Keep the balance, skip the painful parts. Taurus You wait and wait but sooner or later you can’t tell the difference between those who say they are going to come through on something and those who actually come through.  Your life will be put on hold as you wait for professionals to deliver. You get a decent break from the chaos so that you can find a better solution for an ongoing problem. Gemini With another year in the life getting ready to close you wonder why in the world you bother – half the time people don’t take you at your word and need further proof – the other half of the time, they’re behind you completely.  Get lots of rest before the weekend starts, you’ll need all of your energy.  You’ll have to mask your disappointment when you get a gift you didn’t want. Cancer You get good news and bad news on the same day – suddenly, your future isn’t what you thought it would be – it takes a whole new direction.  You can’t take a wrong step, however, as time never stops for you.  So all that is required is that you do move forward – otherwise, you waste precious time.  Act rather than react.  Offensive, not defensive. Leo Just in the knick of time you are saved from an awful fate.  But your quick wits in the final analysis save you from having to invest too much in it.   It’s important now to listen to the advice of those in the know rather than sticking to what you think might be best.  Contributions by others is invaluable.  Virgo You put two and two together and arrive at a conclusion.  But there is more to it than meets the eye.  Don’t forget you can’t judge a book by its cover – trust the part of you that can’t trust.  The unbelievable circumstances make it hard not to laugh but you have to hold it together for appearances.  Get a great return on a risky investment. Libra A crazy time for you to start getting honest but that’s the way it has to be.  The best things in life are free, don’t forget, so take stock of those things you have already and don’t lament those you don’t. You have to get ahead of those you’re in competition with.  But it’s all in the name of good fun. Scorpio Isolate the reason and you’ll find the cure.  There is too much to distract you from your ultimate goal.  Don’t forget to keep the foundation strong or it won’t hold up over time.  Think good health, think longevity and wellness.  Think internal happiness and outward expression.  Move forward, not back. Sagittarius There are lots of good things about your life only you might not see them right this second.  You will observe something about someone close to you and you’ll want to blurt it all out at once – but it’s better not to.  It’s better to keep harmony between you than to reveal the truth. The truth isn’t always what it seems. Capricorn You feel more like a family than ever before.  And you stop feeling like you’re not getting enough.  In fact, we can get more if we work hard.  And in the end, we realize it isn’t about getting more, and not even about getting enough, but about giving enough.  To give, especially when you have nothing, is to receive. Aquarius You will sift through the evidence and come up with a reasonable conclusion.  You have many questions and not enough answers.  You’re sure about it but you have no proof.  You can’t go on intuition alone – you need to keep looking – eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Eventually. Pisces Sometimes it’s better to think things through before you make decisions.  Sometimes, time is all you need.  And when you allow yourself to speak about what you feel you may lose friends but you’ll be able to make better choices where your life and loved ones are concerned.  You don’t speak up for fear of repercussions and therein lies the problem.

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