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Star Gazing:


How many roads have stretched out in front of you that you didn’t take because of irrational fear? How many false leads have you tracked down, only to end up empty hearted? It’s a time to refocus your energy in the right direction – know where you’re going before you get there.


You’ll have a great many noble tasks to take on at the moment, probably too many for your own good. Don’t fret the stalling of payment – it will be forthcoming. Your luck turns as the weekend approaches – and you’ll be surprised by the generosity of the universe.


You’ll lure more flies with honey than with vinegar. Acid tongues don’t help your situation – it’s always better to speak with compassion. You have a great many talents, but tact, these days, is not one of them. Directness is a most desired trait, however.


You still have time to rethink a recent decision you might feel was irreversible. You don’t have the hindsight yet to see if you are headed in the right direction. You have put your ducks in a row and you might end up feeling stuck. You don’t want to throw everything away, however, by being hasty. Draw the line.


Our lessons this week come hard and fast. We can escape our troubles for a while. but eventually we’re tripped up by that which we can’t control: happenstance. And if you happen to be on the wrong end of it, you’ll be in a fix. Watch your back. Trust as you have been, but listen carefully to what people are saying.


Good intentions get you in trouble as you try to mediate a situation you shouldn’t be involved in in the first place. When you try to set a boundary you find some resistance. On the other hand, it’s a great time for love. You feel your life taking off in ways you could never have imagined for yourself.


You’ll be doing a juggling act over the next few days – and by the weekend, you’ll be facing an intellectual challenge. You’ll have to relinquish control at some point, and not impose your will on someone who is stubbornly holding on to their beliefs. Listen to the advice of an elder.


Just remember, words have more power when they’re said with kindness. Someone close to you will confront you about something you’re altogether unwilling to talk about. Half the time, a barrier goes up to protect our soft underbelly – the other half of the time you go on the attack. Try not to live in the extremes.


A gift you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. You tell a secret to someone who tells a secret back to you and before you know it, you’re in all sorts of trouble. On the plus side, your creativity skyrockets as you get ideas that will help you sort out the rest of your life. Good fortune is headed your way.


Unfortunately, you can’t be a mind-reader. When you’re feeling overly frustrated by someone’s bad behavior, remember, most of us are works-in-progress – we make horrible mistakes we then live to regret. The best thing is to put on a happy, secure face to take on the trouble that is ahead. Strength is what’s required.


With so many things to choose from, you have difficulty choosing. You are struggling with the thing that will make you feel motivated in life. A relationship that’s missing, a friendship that’s dissolved, a job that’s over. Your new project, however, cannot be someone whose feelings you hurt.


You find yourself continually at a crossroads. You venture forward a step, then you must step back two. You can’t predict what others are going to do but you can keep a sturdy head on your shoulders and keep yourself strong and proud. Therein lies the secret to self-defense.

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