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Star Gazing:


Heading back in time leads you down the road to the rediscovery of hidden gifts. You can’t discard a gift of kindness someone presents to you without having a good reason. There are too many clues to ignore the bigger picture. You will feel lucky to know someone, unlucky to know another. Take stock of those you can trust.


You feel lucky this week as you come to the conclusion that the universe still works the way you thought it did – only now, you might be trading in your skepticism for enthusiastic optimism. Going through your regular daily activities could seem like running in mud – a lot of effort but getting nowhere. This is just temporary – smooth sailing will return.


You are convinced something is up but as yet don’t have any proof. You must gather evidence, make a few bold assumptions then check your facts. Don’t do anything until you have all of the information. Your instincts will be telling you one thing – your friends telling you another. A relic from your past rears its ugly head.


You find yourself stuck in a quagmire of the same old, same old. You do what’s expected of you and you do it moderately well. But your bitterness will eventually seep out into the rest of your life. Take the right steps toward proving to yourself that you aren’t stuck in this place forever. Do a spring cleaning to rid yourself of clutter.


Changes are harder to face as we get older. We want it to stay as it always was, not as it is going to be. Deep down, you just don’t want to open that other door and take those risks without a fallback plan. When there’s no safety net, you could fall hard. Keep your eye on the ball. Empty your pockets of the weights – you will move more freely.


When you have to feel obligation, it’s no longer fun to be responsible. You wonder what happened to a friend who has dropped out of your life and wonder if you can repair the damage. You could if you were responsible, which you’re not. You can’t stop people from doing what they want to do regardless of the consequences.


A mini drama is about to play itself out. By saving the hardest thing for last you make yourself miserable in the home stretch. Always get the hard part over with – you soon forget it and spend the majority of your time doing the easy stuff. Sleeping with yourself at night has to do with how much you’ve creatively invested and how much you’re willing to risk


Looking for a get out of jail soon card leads to frustration. You can’t believe that you’ve put so much effort in and are getting so few results back out. This is to do with our culture of entitlement and the idea that we are all are owed something. We’re not. We have to work hard for what we achieve. This is the advice you need to give.


Your body is giving you signals which your mind is turning around and misinterpreting. You see what you want to see. You wish hard for that which you cannot have, and know you shouldn’t have, but want anyway. The waiting, the wanting is the best part. The getting…not so great. Boredom will soon set in and you’ll be back to square one.


You can’t measure happiness by how much you’re NOT getting from the world. Measure it instead by how much you do get, and how lucky that makes you. You are truly blessed and you get in return an abundance. We all could complain about how sucky our lives are but few of us have the wisdom to be thankful.


What is lost will be found. What is won will be rewarded. You must not fear giving away what you value most. You will attach a story to it and that story will be more valuable than the thing itself. You’re going to come in contact with someone over the weekend who will change your life, or change how you view your life.


A watched pot never boils. You won’t take your own advice but insist instead upon falling prey to impatience. At the same time, procrastinating something that will make you rich and make your life easier is just foolhardy. Invest your time wisely. Don’t use your body as a garbage dump – use the garbage can instead.

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