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The Real Issues:

One of the candidates for the Los Angeles City Council 11th District seat has chosen to run a decidedly negative campaign.

Through her consultant Rick Taylor, Flora Gil Krisiloff has made a number of unsubstantiated and inaccurate statements on mailers about one of her opponents, Bill Rosendhal.

In one instance, Krisiloff claims that Rosendahl flip-flopped on Playa Vista, when, in fact, his position has been both clear and consistent.

Another mailer basically accused Rosendahl of defrauding the public when he was an employee of Adelphia Cable. This charge is not only baseless, but bizarre. For many years, Rosendahl produced and hosted what was thought by many people to be the best public affairs TV talk show in Southern California. The show came to an end when, to the consternation of many, Adelphia unceremoniously fired him.

To blame or even connect Rosendahl indirectly to the well-publicized shenanigans of the former heads of Adelphia is simply wrong, as he, along with countless other Adelphia employees, not only didn’t know and had nothing to do with what their bosses were doing, but were not charged with any wrongdoing in the courts.

Krisiloff and her advisors should be ashamed of themselves for employing such malicious tactics. Residents of the 11th District want and need an representative on the L.A. City Council who knows the district, its assets and its problems, and is prepared to protect its assets and find equitable solutions for its problems. In the remaining days of the campaign, we hope Krisiloff will devote her energies to addressing the real issues, rather than raising bogus issues.

Negative political campaigns, winning at all costs, seem to be the rule now, but, for everyone’s sake, let’s hope this one fails.

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