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Star Gazing:


Imagining a time when things were different takes some of the pressure off. Change can be a tight squeeze and we don’t always adjust as well as we’d like. Keeping up appearances works against your efforts towards more honest relationships. You look everywhere but still have trouble locating that lost item – until you get the help of someone important.


By the looks of it, it’s going to be a productive year. By the end of this week, you will have to put on a happy face on even though you will be feeling just the opposite. The focus is on renewing physical strength and getting enough rest to be able to face the challenges. An old flame tries to get back in touch.


It’s already starting to be a banner year for you – you can make changes slowly but permanently when you focus hard enough. You will have to sift out the bad to find the gold, however. You have a generous spirit that helps everyone else out in times of need. Guilt, unfortunately, is a driving force that makes it impossible to come clean.


You have too much to deal with right now and your plate is full. If there is too much on your plate, something is bound to fall off – it might be something good, it might be something bad, but you won’t know until it’s too late. Best not to take a chance. Renew your spirit through a different, more challenging physical exercise.


Nothing is ever good enough for certain people, no matter how much you try, how much you give. Measure your success as a work in progress rather than a race. It isn’t who wins, after all, it’s who plays the best game. Your shining heart proves quite handy in the coming days. It’s a time for giving and appreciating.


To see one only has to look. Sometimes it’s difficult to see corners when you’re walking in a straight line. This week, something important will be around one of those corners. So take a look left and right instead of forging straight ahead. You must be accepting, not rejecting when a friend shows you his or her latest object of affection.


When you feel like making a fuss about something petty, hesitate and think about it. You are in a state where anything goes – you could say and do anything now but it is not in your best interest to be honest. A white lie is your best friend. It’s a time for reconnecting and renewing with your old life. Good memories hold things together but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.


You might find finances lacking this week. A romance simmers beneath the surface. You have some choices to make. There’s no harm in a little flirting, but take care you don’t go farther than the surface or you’ll be in deeper than you’d like. It’s going to be one of your best summers. Get the hard work stuff out of the way in time for play.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. A little bit goes a long way. Write down the good stuff you’ve done this week so that you can stop with the self-criticism already. A co-worker or comrade will give you some advice that turns out to be dead on. With the help of friends, you will finally get what you’ve been craving.


You’re of two minds. Half the time you want things back the way they were, the other half of the time you crave change in a big way. Most things take time and patience; this week will be no different. But you have no choice but to go full force, no holds barred. If you don’t, you will stagnate – and never live in the moment.


Contrary to what you’ve been feeling lately, the next few days will be rewarding and exciting. Those things that you’ve been waiting for will arrive, and the people you’ve been waiting to see will show up. Of course, both will happen at the time you least expect it, but that’s what makes life the most exciting!


When the going gets tough, the resourceful get going – and you’re no exception this week. Thinking that every silver lining has a cloud is one way to look at things in life, but be confident, be calm and put your hand in your pocket. Your resources are needed now more than ever. You can do more than you ever thought possible once you set aside that negative voice.

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