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Star Gazing:


The surface reveals a hidden agenda. Underlying messages cloud a commitment made to you by someone you’re supposed to trust. Your body feels like it’s betraying you lately. You must get back in tune and in the right direction. It can play tricks on you, especially this week. Things get heated as the weekend comes to a close and the new week begins.


A new start is what you’ll be ruminating on this week. How can you get to point B when you’re still busy with point A? Be careful of the easy way out – all too often we end up using our time up without thinking it through. There isn’t a second chance to do it all over again – remember that the moment is in front of you.


A friend has you wondering where the truth really lies. Everything seems alright from a distance, but close-up it’s easy to see where the rotten part is. A big decision has you preoccupied from the task at hand. Once you get your ducks in a row, the decision will come – your body isn’t ever going to let go until your mind has.


Your frustration requires action, not complaining, not negotiating, not false agreements that will never go anywhere – swift, gusty action is the only way. At some point, you know what you can live with and what you can’t – if it piles up in one spot, it will overflow onto another. Don’t let the piles get too high before doing something.


You have made it over one big hurdle – and have managed to keep yourself free from the trappings thus far. You have a long way to go still but at least you know that no matter what direction you choose your commitment to it will be complete, 100%. There are far too many open doors to live behind a closed one.


Sometimes talking about something too much will make it impossible to complete. Stay focused on your goal without placing too many distractions in front of it. It is easy to live in a fantasy world but very hard to break free. Your temper reveals your primal emotions – ground zero of the real you.


When the right person comes along, you can’t believe how wonderful you’ll feel – like the difference between bottled and tap. What you imagine is true turns out to be nothing more than wishful thinking. Put your cleverness to the test when figuring out how who to be for an upcoming gathering. Sparkle!


If you make the right changes, you’ll see results. You have to let go of something, though, to gain something. The past will continue to plague you, hanging on to you like a barnacle until you slice it off. Blame is the thing that keeps you dwelling on the past. Have amnesia, forget everything. Can you renew your own personal vows to become complete?


A mystery reveals itself, a voice confesses something, a stranger teaches you how to be kind, a near-accident is averted, the sun comes out – there are miracles happening around you all the time. Your grace under pressure will help you out of a big mess. You will save the day by thinking on your feet.


You feel stuck in one spot – running but standing still. You can’t move forward without changing and you can’t change until you feel safe. What is holding you back and what can you do about it? You don’t have to fight the change you feel coming like a major thunderstorm. Let the rain come.


Your are responsible for more than just yourself. It isn’t about your own happiness anymore. This can cause you much worry because we’ve been trained to pursue happiness at all costs. But who is really happy? Isn’t just an endless loop of dissatisfaction? True fulfillment can only come from doing something outside of yourself.


You feel yourself slipping into those bad habits that ultimately make you feel miserable at the end of the day. You have many great things ahead, even though sometimes it feels like your best days are behind you. There is much more to see and conquer, more to contribute, and eventually you will look back with no regrets.

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