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Star Gazing:

AriesA generation ago, all the patterns were laid down. Everyone is causing you grief, but nothing they say matters because you know who you are. What you need is a good break from your bad self. You need some hard core assistance where delicate matters are concerned and it’s time to trade in something very old and broken down for something new and expensive.TaurusDon’t worry about things you have no control over. Free-floating anxiety will get you every time and. let’s face it, we have better things to do with our time. You will get an interesting offer from a friend or family member that will make you happy but will also come with strings attached – watch out for those strings!Gemini A personal matter becomes less private and thus complicates your life more. You want to tell the truth, but how can you when it all gets distorted at the 11th hour? Stick to your own position regarding the promotion of someone else. Don’t get lost in the clutter – clear out, clean out, keep only that which is essential, and that means in the relationship department as well.CancerYou have capabilities beyond where you currently are – a great opportunity is waiting for you and a launch pad is itching to feel your feet on it. But there is an obstacle, a big one, that will need the heave-ho. You can’t protect a lost soul who seeks your comfort, just as you can’t reveal the secrets you were entrusted with. Make loyalty a top priority.LeoThere isn’t a stone left unturned, an inspiration left undone. You get lost in the eyes of someone new just as you are trying to stay focused on what’s right in front of you – you have always longed for that which is outside of you. This keeps you going but it also frustrates you – happiness is in the right now, it’s not in the planning and execution. VirgoKeep it simple. Don’t lose heart when things fall apart just after you build them. You can calm things down with your presence, and that’s what it’s all about this week. There are going to be storms you can’t control, just as there are going to be disasters waiting in those you know. You can’t stop change, you can’t fight progress. Join in the fun.LibraYou are prevented from taking the last step you need to take to complete something held near and dear for a long time. You are in the mode of having to please too many people. And when you spread yourself this thin, there isn’t anything left. You have a moment to reorganize your thoughts and get the most important stuff straight. An admirer leaves you hanging at just the wrong time. Come back, come back!ScorpioThere is no need to worry beyond what you’ve already put in. Patience is a virtue. You can’t make something happen that isn’t budging. And you’re better off putting your attention elsewhere, like getting that needling project that’s going to make you rich and famous off the ground. Oh, if only you could harness your passion where it serves you best.SagittariusSaying goodbye isn’t going to be easy – but it’s the right thing to do. Your problems can be solved by outside help, it’s true. But you can’t change that fundamental feeling of inadequacy where a certain someone is involved. And you never will – you will always be reaching to undo that damage. Don’t you see, you are worth so much more than that.CapricornDeciding what you really really want will help you with the hanging chad in your life that’s putting a stop to things just when they’re ready to take off. It won’t hurt when you take the plunge – might be a little uncomfortable at first but nothing happens of any value that doesn’t first require that we change. We must face our worst fears but when we do, how lovely.AquariusYou are nearing the finish line on something you’re creating and the completion is making you nervous – what ifs plague your thoughts on all fronts. It’s best to let nature take its course – and it’s best not to try to fight the way your core group is going. Nothing good lasts forever, not in its original form – it morphs into something else, something not the same but equally lovable.Pisces

You can’t be all things to all people. You will have to, at some point, take a hard stand. It won’t be easy – and you won’t have people like you but you’re going to have to learn how to not be afraid of confrontation or else you will never be able to communicate your desires – you know what’s best for you – no one else does and your instincts get the shaft whenever you retreat.

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