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Star Gazing:


Avoid putting yourself in the awkward position of having to say no to someone regarding a financial matter. Love is in the air, clouding both vision and sense. Following your heart could take you down the road to ruin. Surround yourself with sweetness and you will be sweet. Surround yourself with sourness and all will be sour.


The stresses will begin to weaken the foundation. You must think in another way; you can’t keep things going this way. Something must be done. It will be a difficult adjustment, but you will benefit greatly in the end. The pattern of trouble will fade; the difficulties in life will lighten. Be hopeful.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into past, something unexpected rears its ugly head. How can things become easier for you and your family? By opening up the channels of communication and figuring out a better solution to the silly struggles you waste your time on.


You have a lot to juggle at the moment both inside and outside your heart and mind and body. You will be tossed and turned in relation to a partner or co-worker and you’ll be made to feel briefly dishonest. There will be some excitement on the weekend that will have to do with a wayward friend or relative.


You have drifted away from what you know and ventured into unknown territory. And isn’t it grand? The next year will show you a whole different, vibrant and useful side of your personality. It isn’t going to be the worst year, though there’s a great chance it will be the best.


Why are there are so many problems right now? Your inner world can’t help but reflect what’s going on in the outside world. You can’t escape certain realities of life and you can’t run very successfully from your demons. You will have to try harder to produce some useful results in your life.


When you can’t find yourself, look in the least expected place. You will be able to transform from something undesirable to the most necessary piece in a very wild puzzle. When you look carefully, you see how well everything fits together and how well it will all eventually look close-up and far away.


You are coming to an important crossroads in your love life. It will make all the difference now what is said and what actions are taken. You can struggle with the secret you’ve been carrying around or you can come clean and sleep better at night. Make your choice and stick with it.


Too much of a good thing will not move you forward but will move you back. Learn how to stop when it’s time to stop and resist the urge to take shortcuts. Your life is playing like a crazy pop song. It rhymes and it is uplifting but it’s lacking in substance. If you’re looking to succeed you might want to do something about that.


Somehow the engine runs even though it’s going against all odds. You don’t know how it works but just that it works – and you’re stuck in an immovable position – you can’t move forward and you can’t step back – you’re frozen in mid-step. Life can be unimaginably happy if you just let go.


A mystery is waiting to be solved. At the end of it is a pot of gold. You just have to deliver the goods, get the bad guys and finish the job. You’re this close to a major success and you’re this close to a possible complication that could make the whole thing fall like a house of cards.


Life is about compromise and it’s about giving of yourself. Though our society dictates the opposite — it’s all about what we do for each other. Life can be nothing but riches, if we remember that people need love and compassion and attention. You will always struggle with what you want and what you give.

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