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Cal State Faculty, Students Protest Here:

Upwards of 100 Cal State University faculty members and students came to Santa Monica from several university campuses in Southern California last Wednesday to protest what a spokesperson described as “three years of budget cuts, rising tuition and slashed course offerings.” They rallied outside Schatzi on Main, a restaurant which Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger once owned and allegedly still has an interest in. The governor has proposed a slight increase in the CSU budget next year but the California Faculty Association estimates that it will take an additional $181 million to repair the damage done by three years of cuts, such as the  rejection of 15,000 eligible students this year. CFA president John Travis said, “We need to let the governor know that what he has proposed for next year’s budget is not nearly enough funding to get the university out of the deep hole he helped to dig.” The governor did not appear.

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