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Don’t turn down an invite to a special event.  Just because you don’t have anything to wear doesn’t mean you can’t go to the party.  If you’re bothered about something, be upfront and honest rather than evasive and cool.  Life’s too short to cheat yourself out of precious moments.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose it when the pressure is on.



With so many changes so fast, and a fight brewing in the distance, there is little time to back up the hard drive.   But you have a whole year to get through so you need to  divide up your time carefully.  You will confront some people from your past.  You will also have a great many supportive people coming out of the woodwork.



With so many changes and transitions happening at once, it makes it twice as likely you will be in a sink or swim dilemma.  You will also have words with someone out to replace you.  All in all, though, this is your dream month where a lot of miracles are expected to transpire.  You will keep the good news under your hat until the time is right.



With an upcoming event bringing anxiety, all you can do is try to go with the flow.  When someone disturbs your peace of mind, you will agitate on the hows and whys of this.  You can’t even begin to put into place where you’ll be in the next six months – but big changes mean big questions need answering.



Putting your eggs in two baskets makes you happy in the short run and it provides a backup should something go wrong. One always needs a good, firm plan to get one through the tough part.  You have something strong to offer the world and it’s time to pull out all of the rabbits from the hats.



Revealing yourself helps you to gain trust.  You will have significant losses and significant gifts over the coming months – this week is a good time to lay the foundation for what might be happening in a few short years.  You are lucky you have the courage to move forward with your life in ways you couldn’t have anticipated.



A surprise hits you like a ton of bricks.  You don’t realize how much you’ve lost until someone else points it out to you.  This time next year you will feel more settled.  You know in the end that you are the only person you can trust.  Keep many of your hopes and dreams secret for the time being, to be brought out at a later time.



Someone is moving in a different direction all of a sudden and you have to think fast.  Are you going to stick around or are you going to bail? You ain’t getting any younger and your options could be drying up fast if you don’t shore them up now.  On the other hand, don’t underestimate your ability to pull out of any mess with enough advanced warning.



You can’t prevent people being drawn to you.  Maybe you want to be left alone, but maybe you don’t.  Figure it out once and for all – and remember, it isn’t what you get from the party that matters, but what you bring to it.  You will have a rewarding year and a productive one – especially if you separate work from pleasure.



You can’t keep the good and abandon the bad without losing the whole enchilada.  We take the good with the bad and hopefully it won’t upset us too much in the meantime.  You still have control of your life.  If you don’t slip off the grid entirely, you can keep all of the balls in the air.  But sooner or later, you have to face hard, cold reality and do what needs to be done.



As sick to death as you are about the same old, same old, you’ll be required to endure it a little longer.  We can’t promise ourselves we won’t make the same big mistakes twice – it’s entirely possible you will.  But how you come out of it, what changes you make, what hopes and dreams you have for the future – that is what counts.



You have just been given some news that will require you to act.  You have a short amount of time to get things in the right place.  If you waste time you will paint yourself into a corner.  What you think might happen usually does happen, even when you’re being pessimistic.  So listen to your instincts this time.

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