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City Council Approves Civic Center Plan:

The Civic Center Specific Plan, which has been in the works since 1989, and undergone several major revisions, was approved last night by the Santa Monica City Council, as recommended by City staff, but opposed on a variety of grounds by about a dozen residents.

The approval came in a series of motions that were backed by a four-three majority of the Council. It upheld an appeal of the Planning Commission’s rejection of the Plan and the Environmental Impact Report, approved the “comprehensive update” of the Plan and adopted a statement of “overriding considerations,” and certified the EIR, with the proviso that Macerich do an EIR of any proposed redevelopment of Santa Monica Place.Approving the series of motions were Mayor Pam O’Connor and Council members Richard Bloom, Ken Genser and Kevin McKeown. Opposing them were Council members Bob Holbrook and Bobby Shriver and Mayor Pro Tem Herb Katz.

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