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FLYING HIGHER: New Santa Monica Skatepark Is A Hit

The opening of The Cove, Santa Monica’s long-awaited skatepark, in Memorial Park Friday attracted a large crowd. On hand were Jeff Ho, Godfather of the Z Boys, Peggy Oki, the only girl to skate with the Z Boys, Heidi Lemmon, a Santa Monica parent who fought for years for a skatepark in the city, veteran and very young skateboarders, and a throng of fascinated spectators.

(above) Bennett Harada, a member of the Santa Monica Airlines skate team, takes off during the opening day.

(below) Jesse Martinez (left) a second generation Dogtown skater, now owns a skateboard company and skate team called Z-Cult. Peggy Oki (second from left) was the only girl who was one of the original Z-Boys. Jeff Ho (third from left) was one of the owners of the original Zephyr surf and skate shop in Ocean Park, and sponsor of the original Z-Boys skate team. He currently manages the Zephyr team. Zumbi Lewis, 12, of Venice (right) is a member of the Zephyr team.


Photos by Margaret Molloy

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