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Laura WildeAriesYour creative expression will take you from your mundane life to the world of art. You have many outlets but need to focus on one. Being more creative in other areas will also jumpstart your life as well – in the bedroom, in the kitchen, even in the garden, in the gym. Approaching repetitive tasks in a new and lively way will perk up your otherwise dull and pointless week. TaurusYou feel like you’ll buckle if the pressure keeps piling on. Why can’t things just go back to the way they were before, you may wonder?. Instead, look to the future – and the fact that you won’t get these days back. You have a ticking clock over your shoulder reminding you how fast time flies. What is it you really want from life? Is there anything you’ve given up on that you would like to revive? Bring back the parts of yourself you’ve abandoned.GeminiWhat an exciting month it’s been. It’s time to relax now and renew your vitality, your spirit, your desires. You need the next few months to shake off the bad vibes of the past few weeks. You are in this alone, when all is said and done, and you’ll always have to take care of business that way. You will be given many signs that you must pay attention to – they relate to the character of someone you know well.CancerTake your worries to the top of the food chain – you will find many people who will listen. You do have the right to make certain demands but you must be willing to also compromise by letting go of some of your habits. You must upturn every stone, empty every drawer to find that link to your past. It will massage your psyche to know how much you’ve grown up since then. LeoWith so many more choices than you ever thought possible you’re finding it hard to know what is the right or wrong decision. You have to play it safe right now – not the time to be going wild or acting half your age. Feet on the ground, no matter what. Plan for the way you feel when the honeymoon is over. It isn’t always going to be coming up roses. Be prepared when the you know what hits the fan.VirgoWhat you need is something new and fresh to make you look and feel differently – call it a soul makeover (beauty comes from within) but your attitude lately could use improvement. Sensible money decisions will remove more of the residual stress in your life. A little bit of discipline goes a long way. You worry that the bus has left the station before you had a chance to get on – indeed, the bus won’t be leaving for quite some time. You hold the cards.LibraYour instincts haven’t always been dead-on, but lately, they are not to be ignored. You have the right idea, you know you do, yet for some reason you’re afraid to trust yourself. You run from your worst fears, hoping and praying they won’t be proven true. Well, I hate to break it to you but that is an invaluable gift you have. It will serve you well once you learn how to let it be your guide. ScorpioNothing ever goes as easily as it comes. You are, for the most part, taking a lot in and having a hard time ridding yourself of it. Keep your own doors closed when someone tries to take advantage. You still have a big choice to make and a nice gift to thank someone for. You also have a dozen different options in making your next career move. You will be dealing with solving mysteries in order to get to the bottom of a secret.SagittariusWorking backwards from your goal will take you there quicker. If you start at the beginning you are always going to get bogged down with the details. But starting from the point where you know you want to end up will make the getting there seem simple. You will be cleansing yourself from the inside out in due time, once your body sends you the unmistakable message that “it’s time.” Pain is always there if you pay attention to it.CapricornYou must do the work yourself – no one is going to come in and rescue you and do it for you. It’s not going to happen. Doing things on your own, taking responsibility for them and not blaming others for your lot in life will earn you untold amounts of confidence and pride. You can do anything you set your mind to, and are quite tenacious when you get down to it – apply the same qualities to your current predicament.AquariusAt your age and with your experience, you’ve earned the right to be the boss. If you feel you are imploding from the inside out, something must be done. What on the surface seems like “the problem” really isn’t. You have to dig deeper to find that thorn in your side. Finding it is going to be the easy part. Taking direct action to change things is the hard part. PiscesNothing is working out the way you planned. Your focus is on long term success, not short term results. You have to learn how to be more direct, less beating around the bush – it saves time in the long run. If you end up ruffling some feathers, so be it – but better to deal with it up front. You have bigger fish to fry right now anyway – regard yourself more highly these days.

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