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When you start with the thing you hate the most and work backwards, it’ll all be easier. Save the best for last and find harmony and peace the old fashioned way. There is nothing worse than living in dread. It’s time to travel outside your comfort zone for much-needed excitement. You won’t have to explain to anyone. You’ve earned the right to do as you please. Our problems are not as easily solved as we think and hasty decisions today will lead to regret tomorrow.


When it’s all getting to be too much and you know you just have to make it through this one day, it’s time to do some big picture overhauling of your life. If you can’t see where you’ll be in five years, if you don’t know how or where to find happiness, you owe it to yourself to at least start looking for it. You’ll be having some very good luck in the coming weeks, however, from the least likely place.


You’re of two minds. And you don’t take kindly to making big changes too soon. But once you make up your mind nothing will get in your way. You have some time before the dust settles to decide whether or not your head is in the right place – perhaps an advisor could help, someone who’s helped you out in the past and whom you trust. We all feel a wide spectrum of emotions, particularly when outside forces change our lives for us. Don’t judge yourself for what you feel.


Some things don’t quite add up. You look forward to the day when you can be yourself without having to pretend to be someone everyone else will like. At the same time, you can’t save the world any more than you can save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. You can only save yourself in the end, and do you really need to be saved again? What you need is a stronger connection to someone you can rely on.


A business venture doesn’t pay off in the way you expected. An old love wants to become a new love again. Bad luck turns good as a nice end of the week surprise. You’ll feel renewed once you finish some old messy family conflicts that have been trailing you like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You can get it if you really want it, but you have to want it bad. Have that tattooed somewhere.


Just when you thought it was safe to trust humanity again, yet another reason to hide rears its ugly head. But not everyone is going to give you a hard time – you are going to come across the great one who will free you from your predicament and renew your faith in love and people again. It’s a good thing to be open about your desires.


There are second and third chances, despite what you may have been told. This week, focus is on cleaning out, filtering out, getting rid of the things in your life that are making it impossible for you to tell one thing from another. Get rid of that which you are most reluctant to lose. You’ll need to be traveling light in order to make it to the next level. You’ll get a free gift that will tickle your fancy.


Just when exactly did you notice things were changing too fast? Some among us don’t do so well with drastic change and must find a way to get to a safer place – so look for this person to flee in a fit of torment. And anyway, you’re too busy for this kind of nonsense. You wish you had what it takes to fix everyone but you don’t. You have to stick to what you are good at and leave the pursuing to others.


Don’t hold back when you get an instinct about someone – you could save him or her from a world of trouble. Just when you can’t possibly take it anymore you get a good reason to keep on hanging on – and that is a blessing and a curse. Why do relationships always start off so beautifully only to fizzle out for the long haul? You wonder these things as you rethink your motivations regarding a certain someone. Trouble in paradise?


Value yourself highly and others will follow suit. Your goodness shines this week as you prove yourself reliable in a crisis. You also feel overloaded – too much too do, not enough time, money issues. You’ll be borrowing from Peter to pay Paul to work around a stumbling block. You do not have an endless supply, however, proceed with caution. Make checks and balances with your own compulsions.


You hear a half-true comment can turn into something much bigger. Listen for the cold, hard truth without filling in the blanks yourself. You can’t control the scene from the outside looking in – but you can control your own actions, at least in your immediate circle. A bowl of plastic fruit looks good at a distance but doesn’t offer much else. Look for substance — the juice and pulp.

PiscesA big change is coming this month – one that will set the course for the next stage of your life. It will be difficult starting out, but once you hit your stride, and get your ducks all lined up, it will be the best time you’ve had in a long while. Just because you get hurt doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put yourself out there, in more ways than one. It may be tempting to give up at this stage, but don’t do it, keep your eye on the ball.

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