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Is there any other person to turn to than the one you’re frustrated with? You find you can be hurt and hurt badly by certain people who hold your heart in their hands. Be wary of anyone looking to rob you of your power. You need it right now. You have to try to focus on those who have it far worse than you do – it will help you with your own bad feelings about your life right now. You are about to blossom in a surprising way in front of an admiring crowd.


You give great support and advice to others. You will be given ridiculous instructions on how to better lead your life but it will fall flat; you are far too clever and insightful to believe the propaganda. All the same, it’s becoming a little more bearable lately because there is no way to go but up. Find ways to enjoy the little things – cooking a spectacular meal, pampering yourself. Be straight when asked what you really think, like you ever have a problem with that!


There aren’t many people in your shoes right now so looking for sympathy is going to be tough. The past will inform the present and help you navigate the future. Remember what really happened, not what you want to think happened. It’s time to grow real roots and to learn, finally, that you can’t really count on anyone but yourself. You thought you knew this to be true but you were fooled by someone who laid it on thick.


You will be hit with a major blow, a surprise so shocking it will completely change the way you live the rest of your life. The lesson in all of this is that you never know who you’re dealing with. People will always surprise you because you like to think you see the best in people. You imagine no one would be able to do something so out of character, yet they do all of the time. When you’re okay with you, you’ll be okay with the situation.


We can’t count on what worked in the past working now. Too much has changed. You are in a different phase now and you will have to develop new tactics. People will surprise you. The key is making the best use of the time you have. When it feels like it’s going by too quickly, find ways to slow it down – and the best way to do that is to live in the moment. Your heart brings up some interesting questions of late, wondering if you’re in the right place.


Your goal has been muddied, your purpose unclear. Take care whom you let into your life, your bed, your heart right now as nothing began now will end up being permanent. Life still has a few surprises in store in the coming months – some will reveal themselves slowly while others will hit you all at once, when you least expect it. Use your own self-confidence to help out a friend in need.


Don’t let someone who doesn’t have as much guts as you have hold you back. If you have to go your own way, so be it. While it is tempting to always have a friend tag along on the big adventures, you’ll have to toughen up if you want to be where you expect you’ll be by the year’s end. It’s a good time to put it all on the line and put fear on the backburner. Make sure you have all the necessary information before moving forward.


Just when you think you’re out of the woods, another conflict rears its ugly head and you are back again, fighting until you make some headway. Don’t be surprised if life suddenly shits dramatically under your feet, particularly when you have grown to count on someone else. People change and when they do, they take their dreams with them – and yours vanish just like that. The only thing that should really hurt is your pride.


You have skills that will come in handy when put to the test. You worry that no matter what you do, you can’t reverse a decision made by someone else that will devastate you. The obstacles in your way will be many but one thing’s for sure: you will get stronger as you go through it – and the more difficult it is the better the results. A little bit of kindness goes a long way – forgiveness will heal you beyond all comprehension.


You can’t control how others act toward you. You think you have it mostly under control but when you come up against one conflict after another, you feel half-way foolish for ever having been so confident. You have to think outside the box and realize your options are far more expansive than you want to believe. The moment you feel like a victim is the moment you weaken your position in your own life.


A recent discovery has you acting all suspicious. Who can you trust? Scan the room, make sure you know who is pulling your chain and who is on the level. It is going to be a week of ups and downs and you won’t feel things even out until all of the busy work is done and dusted. It’s going to be frustrating when you must keep your trap shut during a confession.


When one door closes another opens. And when you think the bottom has dropped out just realize that more is coming. You are entering the second and best half of your life. You’ve learned most of the toughest lessons and it’s been a difficult road so far but you’re due some good times and they’re on their way. Keep your finances in order in case you need to buy big ticket items.

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