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You fight another battle this week, and in so doing refresh your own home page; you know what it’s all about and what you have to do. Finishing something you started a long time ago proves more difficult than you thought. You can’t judge a book by its cover.


Somehow you find that nothing was as expected – and you find your moods change on an hourly basis; you haven’t figured out yet what you feel about the big changes coming upon you. You have too much to do and not enough time to do it. But you will accomplish more than you realized.


You are halfway there and the regret is starting to cloud your judgment. An admirer makes you feel nervous at the worst possible time. Leave something to remember you by when it’s time to leave. Don’t trust your fear that makes you want to flee.


Leave your worries at home when you decide to take a break. You have to learn to separate out the stress from the relaxation and wallow in the moment. You will go through a bout of self-reflection when reminded of your least flattering moment with someone you loved deeply. But your confidence carries you through.


Don’t be too quick to judge a situation before you have all of the facts – your own paranoid mind will play tricks on you before you understand where a certain person is coming from – and it will turn out that their motivations were honorable. Keep the peace by limiting the accusations.


When you feel nostalgic for what used to be. try to bring yourself back to the present to appreciate all that you have in front of you. Your support network will help you out by telling you like it is when you request that. Be prepared for the truth.


You don’t quite understand the way things work lately and you long to be free. Change is what you crave and you can’t move forward until you deal with what’s holding you back. You aren’t sure if you’re right about someone so you must do a little detective work to find out. Focus is on monetary good luck.


An argument isn’t the best way to resolve a conflict, particularly where other factors are involved. Nothing is what it seems – you will uncover an illusion, find a friend, lose something unwanted, get closer to one you have been distancing yourself from for quite some time.


You’re surprised when your luck takes an upward turn. You have forgotten that sometimes large swells of luck go your way and your misfortune turns to good fortune. You must filter out the untrustworthy from those who have your trust. Focus is on loyalty, friendship, love and passion.


You’re frustrated by the high standards you set for yourself – but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have the best of everything and also have your independence – it would be better if you could find a way to disengage from a certain someone and live your life solo for a while.


A generous gift makes you want to give back. You have a desire to broaden your reach, to seek out ways to help your fellow man. It will only be a problem for you once you decide to get selfish again and pursue things that make you happy – soon, helping others will be the thing that makes you happy.

PiscesAs you enter a new transition in your life you still don’t quite know where you’ll head up. You only know you have to go and things have to change. But it’s unfortunate that you’re going to be once again thrust into chaos but you always land on your feet and this time is no exception.

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