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T.V. Madness Ends in Room 72…For Now:

Room 72, Ms. E’s 3rd grade class, is doing a no T.V./video game challenge to see how long kids can go without staring at a screen.

There are rewards for how long we can make it without T.V. or video games. The prize for the first week: a pizza party; the second week: no homework for a week; a month: A Toys R Us gift certificate; and the reward for going until the end of the school year: a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm! (Knott’s is supporting the challenge with free tickets for the winners).

Kids are allowed second tries if they blow it (for different prizes).

The kids who remain in the challenge are: Alana Feldman, Alex Woods, Freddie Norris, Linda Gordon, Mollie Bernstein, Jones Pitsker, and Kelson Kaisaki.

This is how the kids remaining in the challenge feel.

“I learned you can do a lot of things besides watch T.V. or play video games, like reading, playing outside and playing sports,” said Freddie Norris.

“The hardest part about staying in the challenge is not watching movies such as Finding Neverland,” said Linda Gordon.

“Instead of watching T.V. I’m playing Legos and stuff,” said Alex Woods.

“I learned a lot from not watching T.V., like riding a bike, reading longer books and doing more math,” said Kelson Kaisaki.

Ms. E. started the challenge because during Monday morning community circle, kids were always saying that they watched T.V. and played video games all weekend long.

All of our parents are very happy about the challenge!

Ed. Note: Final report next week

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