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When you’re working toward something you might feel slightly disappointed that you can’t get exactly what you wanted. Living with that frustration can be unbearable at times. You have to find other paths toward fulfillment – doing something outside of yourself, something for the greater good, will give you endless amounts of happiness that lasts a lifetime.


You feel everyone’s pain, which is an enormous burden to bear. You can’t fix anyone’s life and you can’t change things for the better when it doesn’t directly involve you – but your support is appreciated. Don’t be intimidated by bureaucrats. Your voice is as valid as anyone’s.


Meeting new friends is especially challenging this week. You’ll find energy in low supply. Replenish yourself with lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can be your lovely self and you will always attract others. You have a job to do but you feel overloaded sometimes, as if you can’t quite catch a break. Don’t fret what you can’t control.


A new path to self-discovery will have you needing to tell someone the truth, perhaps tell more than one person the truth. It will help if you get your own priorities straight, particularly in your relationship. It will be a time for power plays, prideful missteps but you’ll find a way to recover. Don’t fret the recent loss of access to another’s life – where one left another will appear.


You have a break in your current stalemate situation. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have the time to give it your all. You don’t have to work that hard. There are others who can step up to the plate. You have too many people to please at the moment so you won’t be able to please any of them. Pay attention to the vital ones only.


Life guarantees suffering so that moments of happiness are appreciated, even if they don’t last. You will be back and forth on a certain issue and you will worry that you don’t know the right answer where someone who is completely unpredictable is concerned. How could you know it would go this way? You couldn’t. People who don’t know themselves can’t be known.


Don’t overstay your welcome when you’re invited out. Watch for specific social clues as to whether or not you should stay or go. You find yourself frustrated with your love life at present, wondering if you’ll ever feel complete or fulfilled. You will be confronted with this over the weekend and you’ll want to speak up.


There are easier ways than you think of getting at the truth. Trust your instincts for one. Believe that you knew exactly what the right thing to do was long before anyone ever told you. Don’t fight against the tide. You feel powerful forces pushing you in one direction. Stop resisting.


You are relieved to know that you didn’t cause too much damage when you revealed the truth to someone. You also don’t realize how good you have it, or had it. You should turn in something used for something new. You should not trust someone at their word when money is involved and you should get out of your comfort zone this weekend.


You want two things that are impossible to get. Nothing is going to be easy either, especially Saturday afternoon and Sunday. You have to pretend that you know what you’re doing even when you’re lost. You worry that you may have said too much. You feel grateful when someone gives you a gift.


You can’t accomplish things the easy way – it’s going to take hard work. Hard work will entail charming someone’s socks off, being inventive in the bedroom perhaps or in the kitchen. Letting go of a barnacle that has been trailing you for too long, and finally, getting over a mean thing someone did. Free yourself.

PiscesIf you’re having problems lately coping there is one answer – take the time you need to get healthy again. Nothing lasts forever and one way or another we all eventually accept our lives – we have no other choice. Blessed are those who do have a choice and exercise it.

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